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    Do you use these English words quite often?

    I find few English words not being used by our fellow ISCians. Such words are:

    Not withstanding
    So as to

    Do you use the above words regularly? Or you are averse to using such words? Like me, have you observed any such words not mentioned here are not being used by our fellow ISCian, and what are those words?
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    I have been using the above words listed out by the author where ever it fits and completed the sentence. But more often I have been using the word nevertheless.
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    I am also using the above words as per the requirements. These are all very common words and many people use them regularly in their briefings.
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    Every word in a language is used when it suits into a sentence in order to convey the meaning which the author wants. Hence the number of time a word used depends on the contexts. Therefore I cannot give an answer to the question posed through the thread.

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    I use all these words occasionally when the situations permit. But some of these words are quite common and sentences can't be framed without using these common words. As for example, I have used 'but' in the previous sentence.
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    Not withstanding the confusion raised by the author, I must say that Because of the huge vocabulary of the ISCians it is difficult to find out which words are used most of the time. Nevertheless I am trying my best to use this thread so as to put all of the words in this reply, But with utmost caution. However, I do not have any preference of using specific words and Hence use whatever is suitable for that context.

    Whether these words are used Elsewhere or in different sections of ISC will be known only after going through all the sections. Whereas the words must be chosen carefully while writing, it is advisable not to repeat the same word too often; else the reader may find it unexciting.


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    People are using these words in their writings and compositions. Only thing is individual to individual there may be be differences as some people might be using some of these words most of the time. It becomes a habit or practice or a type of affinity to use particular words more than the others.

    In my case, I am not using some of these words frequently especially nevertheless and notwithstanding.

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    I do use each and every word mentioned above. The words are very common and, whenever required I do not refrain from using it.

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    These are common words and we can't make sentences without them. I use them whenever I require them to use.

    May be they use synonyms of these words. English is a vast language like any other language so sometimes we don't use common words.


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    I am using the above English words but some words I am not using like nevertheless & so as to...

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