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    Let us spare the walls in each city

    Chennai is the worst city of India in terms of use of walls for all political purposes. The main roads do have compound walls of schools, colleges and other establishments. This is there even on the prestigious Mount Road. Every single day, crores of rupees changes hands in these establishments and many of them are corporate houses, doing business upwards of five thousand crores.

    Yet, the walls of even these Corporate houses are not spared. Everywhere we can see posters and bills and cinema notice plastered. This is a big eye sore.

    I have never seen it so bad in other cities. Should we not totally ban these intrusions and punish the guilty? Why not have severe punishment clauses that will take care of the law for those who break the law?

    What do members have to say on this?
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    If the law enforcing authorities are perfect, the citizens will become more perfect. It is the theatre owners, the politicians and the companies who don't spare the walls of the streets to promote their films or their products and ads and their activities. Even if a death occurs, we can see condolence messages pasted on the walls which is not removed by the concerned. It waits for the rain to get washed away. The walls get reserved for political parties. 'This is reserved for' can be read on the walls when there is no activity.

    @ To keep India clean, this should be given priority by our Modi.

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    This problem is there in all the cities, towns and villages of both the Telugu states. Some party or other will use the walls to make their party's advertisements. It is very difficult to control the problem. Another problem is advertisement boards. They bring and hang no parking boards to our gates and there will be an advertisement of their product below that. The compound walls of the houses will be made dirty with these activities. Late in the night they will write this and we don't even who has written and when they have written. This problem will be more in the elections period. Banning this can be done but who will adhere. Like holdings we should also start charging money if somebody want's to write on our compound wall. In such case probably this habit will come down.
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    Yes I am also failing to understand as to why the Chennai Corporation is not strict and very liberal in the case of wall paintings and it seems the civic authorities also get a cut in those ads. On every Railway station walls big paintings of ads seen and whether Railway is consulted in this regard or not. And come elections in the state, the walls were reserved before hand and absolutely no one can stop them. Such is the supremacy of ad agencies enjoying their wield over the government there. And Swatch Bharath Abhiyan has no takers as all the slums are full of garbage and no cleanliness.
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    This is a problem in many cities that walls on the side of roads are covered with posters, pamphlets etc and present a very shabby view.

    There are some citizen groups, NGOs and schools who help and encourage people to paint drawings and motivational and environmental slogans on the walls. This gives a beautiful view and the passers by also enjoy it.

    We should adopt this practice wherever feasible. It is also necessary that people sticking bills and posters at such places should be fined or arrested so that there will be a fear for doing such damage to the surroundings.

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