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    Is IT work getting more stressful?

    Nowadays I see many youngsters from IT industry getting tensed even for small things. Is it due to pressure in IT work or due to decreased work life balance? What's your opinion?
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    Yes I could see vast difference in the behavioral pattern of IT persons. Many of my known friends and relatives are in IT field , when ever I came into contact with them, they are looking confused, tensed, lost in other world , and seems they need immediate break from their hectic life and work schedule. And worst is the case of those IT Professionals who have the night duties. They seldom mingle with others as , soon as they come back home, they want deep sleep which is not possible during day time. For example this is Ganesh festivities celebration time and every street corner and colony is agog with loud speakers venting the songs of Lord Ganesha and other puja rituals and that has become big hindrance for the IT professionals to have good sleep. And that sleep disorder raise to various diseases , nausea, headache and not having concentration or interest in anything.
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    Yes, you could see a marked difference in their behavioural pattern when you drop in the residence of your friend working as an IT professional in a multinational- company. The reason would appear to be self explanatory since they need to achieve the task performed on daily - basis and any shortfall to achieve the same may cause severe mental - stress. Later, they are habituated with the mental - strain while performing their IT related duties.
    Their leisure period is mostly spent in some essential marketing like food - items and stationaries apart from calling on their departmental friends or the week - end is to be enjoyed in their favourable restaurants in order to get relief from the unusual stress from their duties. So, they don't feel comfortable if someone drops in their residence for a formal chat, they seem to be neutral on such occasions giving the guest the impression that he was rather an intruder inside the residence of his friend.

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    The people working in IT industry in particular, but all private employees in general are getting overloaded with the job responsibilities. They are forced to work for longer times. This is giving a lot of strain to them. They are not able to maintain a work life balance. This is mainly due to the cost cutting measures that are being adopted by the companies. A work load that is sufficient for three people will be given to two people. So all these problems are coming. Another issue is people who are coming forward to work are being overloaded and some people who just pull on the time are also surviving. Equal distribution of work and sufficient manpower only will be the answer for this issue.
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    Yes. It is really stress in IT jobs the reason is technology is changing every day at fast pace and every IT person wish to stay updated to generate best results for their own business and for clients. Competition level is hiking every single day.

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