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    BJP and Congress must restraint themselves not going too personal over social media.

    Along with me there are crores of people who are the members of social media and what is happening right now is the bad trend as both the National parties are indulged in mudslinging activities with abusive hash tags and in the melee it is the supporters of each parties getting into real fight with words and the matter may go still worse as the bad words are also getting printed and that sends bad signal to both parties. They cannot stoop to the level of accusing each other over corruption charges. Let there be decency and decorum even in social media.
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    Mr Mohan, you are absolutely correct. The political leaders are stooping to a low level which is disgusting. There are many people who feel the same. Decency is very much required.
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    There is a limit of alleging each other in social media but today the politicians and their allies are going beyond the limits and not bothering for any ethics or ettiquette.

    This is a sorry state of affairs and the general public is getting a wrong clue out of it. Moreover what the younger generation will learn from such fighting on the social media.

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    A very bad tendency. They are unnecessarily blaming each other. Because of this down the level in some places people are indulging in quarrelling with each other. They should not go for such a low level scoldings. This tendency should be stopped at the highest level. Then only these bad practices will be stopped.
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    It is a serious concern and we see no respite from these mudslinging activities. The general elections and assembly elections in few of the states are round the corner and the political parties must practice restraint. The trend of this abusive behaviour has started some time ago and it is increasing everyday. It is not increasing their popularity, rather people are feeling disgusted.

    During election times when the regulations for conduct are employed, a few cases are challenged in court because of the use of abusive means. In general, when no rules are in force, these parties do not care much and think personal attack may be a way to motivate public to hate that person against whom this attack is targeted.


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