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    Every time my job posts are getting rejected.

    Respected sir,
    Every time I submit my job posts, it got rejected, its not like that I never checked before submitting it, whenever I am checking it, the advertisement link for the job posts which are rejected now are not there in the search bar of for the first time and second time too and when it is getting rejected, then when I am checking it, is showing.
    and let me say to the editor that only 3 posts are rejected in the 5 days and I am getting restricted from job posting, is this the rule or particularly for me.
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    Babu Saroj,

    You have been given chances earlier too when your posting permission was removed and then restored, but now again you are doing the same of submitting duplicates. Please note that it is not simply that you are posting duplicates of jobs already submitted by other members. It has been noted by the section's editors that you are submitting duplicates of jobs which you yourself have posted very recently earlier. Hence your posting permission is now removed from the section and will not be restored for a few months. It is suggested that you contribute to other sections for the time being.

    By the way, you are supposed to check the company and type, such as XYZ Deputy Manager Accounts, and use different combinations of words, and not merely the advt. link in the search box. A proper search will likely show up the job and only once in a rare while the vacancy does not show up via the search tool.

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    For few months, see i am only interested in job posting and now I understoid that I have to try different ways to locate whether the jobs are posted or not, please giving me another chance, please talk to admin ma'am to remove it fast.
    It was just mistake I never did intensionally, you only think why I would waste my time on job posts which will not give me points or money.
    Please Ma'am you can only do it.

    live happily in every situation of life

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    Babu Saroj, the reasons for your restriction and the course of action to be adopted by you now has been clearly mentioned by the ME in her response above. It is suggested you engage yourself in sections that are open to you so that the editors can follow you and assess your posts to check whether your restriction needs to be removed.
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