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    Is it possible not to hate anyone?

    Hatred is one of the most unwanted but common trait in the people.

    Due to many reasons we hate each other. It could be due to the behaviour, religion, casteism or difference of status and things like that.

    There might be some people who have conquered over this evil and may not be hating anyone. If it is so it is definitely a great characteristics and we should try to learn this from such people.

    What do you think about this? Is it possible that we also control this rage and stop hating others?
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    Hate and like is the two sides of one coin and that goes hand in hand in every ones life. Why because not everyone is the same and have different attitude. Even in relatives, the one who liked by you are hatred by others for their own reasons and you cannot force them the accept as liker. If you see a small children and their behavior, they know rightly as to who are really admiring them and giving lots of love naturally. They go and comfortable with those who are always in their liking list. I do not see any person who says that he wont hate any one. That means he is fooling every one. By the way the rage of stop hating cannot be possible. If some one says he stopped hating others , means he is hating from inside and wont show the attitude to others from outside. Hating may be through non cooperation too and that must be noted here.
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    It is better if we don't develop hatred towards anyone. But it is very difficult to develop such a quality. Many people talk very nicely but inside they may have hatred towards the other person. The other person may be belonging to other caste, other religion or other nationality, but finally he is also a human being. If we can keep this point in mind we may not develop any hatred towards other people.
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    Hatred is a very basic human emotion. Very very few people can get over the hatred. Various equations in society are developed on the basis of love, hatred and apathy.
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    Hatred is a natural instinct just like other attributes in life and it is practically difficult to tame this demon.

    Some people may be capable to suppress it but for an ordinary person it may be almost impossible to get rid of it.

    It is illustrated in our mythology that some saints conquered this evil and they were considered as God in those times.

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    Everybody says to spread love among all but it is really difficult not to hate anybody. There are reasons for this hate and the examples mentioned by the author like behaviour, religion, casteism or status promotes the divisive nature among many. Any kind of hatred gives us pain. Suppose if you do not like somebody, even that person's name may evoke irritation in you. All hatreds are a cause of pain and interestingly nobody wants this pain in their life. We should at least find some ways to reduce this pain.

    If you follow the spiritual way, then I think it may be possible not to hate anyone. If you can remove the cause of hatred then there will be no hate. If you are not bothered about cast, creed or religion then hate associated with those things will not be there in you. The more stronger choices you have, the more of this love and hate relationship will be there with you.


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    It is definitely possible not to hate others. We mistake anger with hatredness. Anger may develop into hate but it does not happen easily. Once a person develops hatredness, he will lose all sense of reasonable thinking and behaviour. Very few people are capable of developing hate towards others.
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    Being a human being we are capable of extreme possibilities including not hating anyone but due to the reason that we are possessed by the worldly affairs keeping us apart from this aspect. Due to our natural flavor either we are biased or not-biased & in case we are biased we have the tendency to get mingled with different emotions & feelings which simply involved ourselves into profit & loss aspect of this life. This very reason keeps us intact from within with having biased attitude towards others meant for looking after the advantage side & not the selfless actions.

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