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    Why there are so many jobless graduates in India?

    As you are aware that there are many jobless graduates especially Engineering graduates in our country. Is it due to poor concentration in studies among youngsters or is it due to lack of efficient teaching Professors? What is your view?
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    The answer is very simple. Supply is more than demand. There are no sufficient jobs available to absorb all the Engineering Graduates coming out every year. The quality of Engineers coming out is dependent on many factors.
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    Most of the engineering students after their B.Tech studies got attracted to foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore etc. as these countries have lot of job avenues which they were efficiently utilizing for their countries development. But India is unable to utilize the talent and formidable work force of Indian students due to lack of government 's poor job creating policies. For example, BJP government promised in their election manifesto that they provide lakhs of jobs to youngsters but fail to provide even few jobs in the last few years. Like wise any party coming into forming the government promising a lot for students but failing miserably in keeping the promises to atleast some extent.

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    We have a large number of qualified people but do not have commensurate jobs for them. They are accepting jobs which are well below their level. nothing can be done as this is a situation of high production but low demand.

    Same people get jobs in developed countries and get handsome salaries.

    So until unless there is an improvement in the job scenario in our country, the situation is going to remain same.

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    Recently a news channel covered a story on PhDs applying for the post of peons. A total of 23,00,000 candidates applied for 368 posts of peons. Over 1,50,000 applicants were graduates, close to 25,000 applicants were postgraduates and 250 were PhDs. The salary for the position is a mere Rs.16000.

    The minimum qualifications advertised for the post are school education (the exact level is not specified) and bicycle riding skill. The job title is that of a peon in the Uttar Pradesh Government Secretariat.

    That is the sorry state of affairs as far as employment is concerned.

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    Unemployment of graduates, especially the technical graduates, is the result of lack of planning. Governments support opening technical or general teaching institutions in almost every State. Most of them are started in private sector.
    There are several students coming out annually after completing the higher secondary education and most of them go for higher studies. Most of them prefer to go for a technical degree, and because of this general/ technical institutions such as Arts and science colleges/Engg. colleges come up in every nook and corner. Majority of them will be under the private sector. Their aim will be doing business by way of collecting capitation fee for admission. All these institutions are bringing out every year thousands of degree holders, who are ready to go after any job. This situation makes the supply exceeding the demand.
    Our country should have a programme to attract non- degree holders to different job sectors, of course with attractive returns, then only the rush to degree (general and technical) classes can be controlled. The starting of higher education centres without looking into the actual needs, really add to the number of unemployed graduates. Together with this the large number of institutions as well as the degree holders are decreasing the quality of the degree holders. These low quality products will create more qualityless graduates if selected to teaching posts. Ultimately, the society will have several graduates without any capacity to mould a better generation.


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    What I feel that instead of looking at the need of the Industry and companies, the parents and the students pursued those studies which are not required that urgently and if one follow, others would blindly copy them. This attitude in Indians gave rise to more Engineering college and demand for more seats. Ultimately when they came out qualified, there are no green pastures and some were forced to settle for other than their interest under paid jobs and those who are really qualified as core engineers have failed to get the right job, and hence dissent among the students community spread against the rulers who never envisaged such a boom in Engineers across the country and still many state government and central governments are not able to show the right way to the qualified candidates. I blame on the parents , students and also the governments for not understanding the situation.
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    In every nook and corner of our country, we find an Engineering college. Anyone who has money will open an Engineering college or any Educational Institution. The seats in the colleges remain vacant. And everyone aspire to become an engineer as plenty seats are available to accommodate them with no much payment. Hence there is a large production of Engineers. But where is the demand for engineers in India. Hence we have many jobless graduates, especially for the Engineers.
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    There are graduates but they don't have the required skills for getting a job. So there are many people looking for jobs. At the same time there are positions in private industries which are not filled due to nonavailability of people with required skills. The education system for students should be designed in such a way that the outgoing people from universities should be equipped with required skills. Then only the gap will be shortened. Otherwise this gap will be existing like this.forever
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    Now is the oppurtune time for the serious consideration how far the the technical graduates are required under the present circumstances when the core industries have surplus - engineers with them. There should be a periodical review of the requirements of engineers in each year and admission should be made accordingly.
    While reviewing the demands of the different industries of the last five years, the position seem to be stagnant and hence the technical - graduates so produced from the different institutions including the private ones would make most of the youths unemployable and the policy needs to be revised so as to safeguard the interests of the youths.

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    In India, the education system is not upto the mark. Here students study with the intention of getting a job rather knowing things properly. The study shows there are a good number of engineering graduates who are unemployable. They lack the basic skills required for industry. The curriculum is updated from time to time but that doesn't have any synchronization with the industry requirement. Earlier there was a craze to study engineering and a lot of engineering institutes came into existence, though mostly private ones. Many of them offered poor quality of teaching which is far below the accepted standard and the AICTE is closing down many of these colleges gradually.

    Because of the lack of jobs in different engineering streams, the craze among students to study engineering has come down. The government is introducing many courses without thinking of the employability of the students and need to curtail the seats according to the number of annual requirements. Not much industry is coming up in the country which is creating further problem regarding the employment of graduates. A thrust should be given to study for certification courses offered by different industries, where the industry specific skills are imparted to the students, rather than the conventional mode of graduation and diplomas in the present scenario.


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