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    Hello to all. I am new member here.

    Hello, I have joined this site today as I got the reference of the same from one of my online friend. I am new to the site so I need your valuable advice regarding the site so that I may contribute better here.
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    Welcome to this site. Read the available resources available at various sections and sub-sections, write short posts in Forum section, articles in Article section, updates in My India sub-section and answer questions in Ask Expert section. Enjoy the association and start earning.
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    A warm welcome, Sanjeev, to the best educational portal in India. Your friend has referred you to the right platform that can help you to learn and earn and also to share your knowledge with other like-minded members. ISC is basically an educational portal and is a moderated site. If you have the interest to improve yourself and an inclination to share your views and knowledge, I am sure that we would stand mutually benefitted.

    However, before becoming active here, I suggest you get acquainted with the requirements of this site by reading and understanding the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics. Browse through the different sections so that you get an idea as to how you should submit your contents. It would be better if you start by posting responses to the new forum threads that may interest you. This will help you to get connected to our members and also to the different sections. The forum section is considered to be the training ground of ISC for all new members.

    Please remember that we do not allow posting of contents copied from other sites or sources even if they have been written by you. Also, do take care not to use short forms or SMS language and try to be as particular as you can about your grammar and spellings.

    ISC is a very friendly site and you will enjoy your association here once you understand the formalities and facilities of this site. In case you have any doubt even after going through the guidelines and help topics, do feel free to put up the same as a thread in the forum with sufficient details and we all would only be glad to help and guide you.

    Anticipating a long-term and fruitful association, I wish you all the best!

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    Sanjeev Gupta warm welcome to this educational site of International fame. You have joined the right place to showcase your talent in writing on your own words on the trending topics, those issues which are concerned to the student community and other matters. It may be noted that you are not wasting time unlike other social sites. Here what ever you contribute bring money and also the recognition through awards and prizes. What you need is the consistency and have contact with the site daily and make some contribution of sentences in various section like forum which can be used to deliberating any issues to have interaction from other members. Post questions or mention your known response to the various questions appended in the ask experts section. If you are well versed in thinking differently and putting the same in words, then contribute in our article section. You can also earn money by posting job requirements in job section. So for the enthusiast, ISC is the best site to earn and get fame.
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    Hearty welcome to Sanjeev Gupta. You are on the right place. Just go through the ISC guidelines, especially the FAQ where you can get your doubts cleared, to perform well at ISC. All the best Sanjeev.
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    Hearty welcome to you Sanjeev Gupta. I advice you to go through all the help topics and guidelines before you start contributing in ISC. You can learn and earn from this site. Go through different sections of ISC like article section, forum, ask expert, jobs etc. and contribute in your section of interest. But don't contribute copied content, write in your own words and provide quality content, so that you can earn some money through ISC.

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    Welcome to this site and if you are interested to learn writing or to sharpen your existing creative writing skills then you are at the right place.

    In my experience, this is a site which gives ample opportunities to both - the novice writer and the highly talented and experienced ones.

    Another thing is with a little time everyday you can contribute in sections like forum, commenting on articles, taking part in various contests etc.

    This site demands some basic standards for publication of articles, information updates, job posting etc and if you are looking to those you may have to adhere to such benchmark standards.

    Time is the major factor for distribution of our activities and depending upon that you can spend your creative time in ISC.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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