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    Why Youngsters are moving abroad for study?

    I want to know views of all of you about migration of Indian student to other countries.

    Why students are preferring to study in other countries rather than in India?
    Is abroad education system better than ours?
    Are youngsters moving abroad for free lifestyle?

    Not only students, professionals are also moving from country, brain drain has been escalating with speed. What will be its solution and how it ill impact Indian economy?
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    There are many reasons for the choice of going abroad to continue higher studies. One of the most important reason is there are lot more options available abroad in specific fields of study. In India there are a few colleges/universities of excellence like IITs and IIMs and getting admission in them is really tough because of the rising competition.

    There is a lack of research and laboratory facilities here because many of the bright students have gone abroad as faculties in foreign institutes and less expertise in the respective fields of study is observed in most of the institutes in India other than few eminent ones.

    Most of the high end technical research is happening abroad and hence they are always ahead of offering degrees in any new courses of study. It is applicable not only in technical field but also in fields which are still unconventional in our country.

    Another thing is there is a notion among parents and students that the future of our country is bleak and by getting a degree from foreign universities will be able to help them to settle in those countries.


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    May be craze among the youngsters that they must go to foreign countries and study . As it is there is no need to go abroad. And if some one has gone and that will induce other to go and do the same whether the parents are able to offer for the studies or not. One of my close friend who is a teacher and his wife working in bank. His daughter fallen into the trap of her friends and went to US for further studies. Now he has spent more than 55 lakhs so far and not single rupee sent back by her, though she seems to be working. What is the use for parents to satisfy the needs of their child just because her friends also gone to US and she should also be sent. Now they are more worried as the repaying time has come and if that happens the monthly pay back to the bank loan account would cut from their salaries and they wont have any amount for themselves ?
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    Those who can afford education in foreign countries are going for it mainly for the lure of getting a job abroad and even settling in there.

    It is not that our education system is inferior, it is basically the attraction of affluent life outside.

    In our country due to population explosion and a large number of highly qualified people the chances of getting jobs are diminishing day by day. Under such situation many briallant students try for scholarship or aid abroad or even take bank loans and fly away.

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    It is not that our education system is inferior, it is basically the attraction of affluent life outside.

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    In a major part this depends upon the resources or the financial condition of any individual. For an instance, if my financial condition is not comfortable & therefore I would want to get settled with something which is available locally & is not expensive but if we continue to improve the situation then we would possibly be looking after anything which would as per the prevalent level of ours. Those opting for overseas studies are having the relatives based out of those respective locations with sound finance condition or else our country too has got with best of the education here if the students wants to study here but due to increasing competition the chances are becoming lesser.

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    Due to the modern lifestyle and Urbanization attract all. The education system is straightforward and different. You can also consider as the dollar is converted into rupees in India. lol

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