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    Happy News! Indian Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy rescued

    I was thrilled to read the news on the Net just now that Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy has been rescued. He was participating in a global sailboat solo race which began a couple of months ago and was in the third position but was injured after facing rough seas in the Indian Ocean and his yacht Thoriya lost its mast. He also got injured and was confined to his bunk. It has been reported that a French fisheries patrol boat Osiris was able to reach his vessel and rescue him. The Australian Navy and Indian Navy had also deployed rescue vessels.

    Glad to know he is safe and pray he fully recovers from his back injury.
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    For the last three days, I was eagerly waiting for the news. Although Thoriya was contacted the day before yesterday, the rescue operation was hampered due to very bad and rough weather. Indian Navy has done a great job. Thanks to the Australian Navy for playing an effective supporting role.
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    Indeed, a very happy news that a sailor (Commander Abhlash Tomy) has been rescued. We should appreciate the communication arrangements that are available to a seaman that enabled to rescue Commander Tomy.
    VMT to the French Fishing vessel, Australian Navy and Indian Navy for reaching the site to rescue the officer.

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    Really a great sigh of relief that Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy has been rescued. Thanks to the French fisheries and Australian Navy for helping out tracing.
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    Very happy to note that Navy officer Abhilash Tomy has been rescued. It seems Commander Tomy, who suffered a spinal injury, is conscious and has been shifted to the French fishing vessel Osiris. Commander Tomy is the first Indian to sail all around the globe in 2013. Commander Tomy was participating in a race that involves a 30,000-mile solo sail around of the globe. Happy that he survived and has been rescued.
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    Happy to hear of the rescue of Cdr. Abhilash Tomy, the brave heart has done the Indian Navy proud. I have interacted with him, at an official party.

    Not many of you may know of it, but another incident unfolded, parallel to the rescue of the Commander.

    Captain Alok Ananda, YSM, the Commanding Officer of INS Satpura, was at sea, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, when he was tasked to rescue Cdr. Abilash Tomy. INS Satpura under Capt. Ananda's command set sail on the rescue mission, riding the waves of a treacherous sea and extreme weather conditions. Unknown to the CO, his father who had been battling a health issue, breathed his last, in Muzaffarpur, their hometown.

    The Captain could not abort the rescue operation entrusted to him, because his call of duty - he had to save a fellow officer, injured and stranded in the rough seas.

    Such is the nature of the men in uniform. They go beyond the call of duty. Bravo!

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    Read about Capt. Ananda. Despite his personal bereavement, he could not ignore the call for national duty. Appreciations to him.
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    It's indeed a very happy news that Commander Abhilash Tomy has been rescued by the Indian Navy in coordination with the Australian Navy. During any distress in sea The Navy plays a significant role in rescue and search operations and to them duty comes first. No word would suffice to appreciate Captain Alok Ananda who, despite his father's demise braved all odds to continue the rescue operation. Hats off to all of them for rescuing Commander Tomy.

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    The news of Cdr Abhilash Tomy having been rescued has been received with a sigh of relief by all those who have been following the progress of this decorated Sailor. The fact that he did not lose his mind despite the accident, injury and the bad weather in the midst of the sea is proof of his bravery which needs to be appreciated. We are all so happy that he is safe and recovering now.

    I salute Capt Alok Nanda who had placed his duty above personal preferences. In this connection, I would also like to register a word of appreciation for the Irish sailor Gregor McGuckin, a rival competitor of Abhilash, who was also dismasted, for his efforts to trace and get near to Abhilash and also for his message that he was not badly injured and so the rescue team should reach the Indian sailor first.

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    It is a good news that Cdr Tomy is safe and has been rescued. The efforts of Navy are really commendable.

    I wish him early recovery and hope he will be able to participate in such contests again.

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