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    We need a shoulder to cry on too

    A grown up man should never cry. We have heard this many times from our elders when we were young and crying for some reasons. Now we do the same thing to kids when they are crying for unnecessary reasons. Kids have some unusual demands and when those are not met they cry. It's usual for kids to cry and is a part of growing up. We adults, do not cry like kids and manage difficult situations effectively. We get confused, we feel depressed and go through lots of emotional turbulence. Sometimes many of us feel like crying, but control ourselves because of our coping skills.

    Every time though, it doesn't work. We need a shoulder to cry on too. That shoulder to cry on during our tough times may be our parents, close friends, relatives or life partners. Things are getting complex in this world. Along with the complexities of life, confusion is increasing. The depression is rising at an alarming rate throughout the world and we are advised by health care professionals to reduce stress in our life to a minimum level. People are becoming too busy with their own life and we are missing that shoulder to cry on. That may be one of the most important reasons for the rise in depressive disorders. Members, do you feel the same?
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    When we are sad, desperate and in a depressed mood, it is natural that we want to share it with someone with whom we are close. He can be a family member or relative or friend.

    The expressions during such time greatly help in relaxing and getting rid of the heavy moods.

    Young people look up to their elders in such situations and grown up have to share with contemporaries.

    However strong we are, many times these agonies attack us in new and mysterious ways. Sharing with or searching for support is a natural reaction in such circumstances.

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    Thats the reason I want to be a child again so that I may get whatever I like from my parents. Yes its very tough for us, adults to cry for the things we have to adopt ourself and have to satisfy ourself even if the things we like are out of our reach.

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    An excellent and thought-provoking thread from the author. Yes, an adult male also needs someone to express his pent-up emotion. If the emotion is suppressed for a long period, there is a strong possibility of bursting out and consequential damage.
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    This is where a strong support system is essential. One needs to have understanding family members and friends who will not turn away that shoulder, who will understand the need to release feelings bottled up inside, even if this means releasing tears.

    Also, men should stop bothering about what others would think or in what way they would react. You want to cry, cry. If you can laugh out loud without being concerned what others think of your hearty mirth, then why the hesitation to let your eyes secrete its fluids when the emotion associated with it hits the ducts? Don't feel ashamed. Just let go.

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    No matter how big we become or how professional we are, there will always be a soft corner within each one us wherein we want to get slow down & want to get emotional on the twists & turns of the life. This is the most natural phenomenon or aspects of our life which we can't hide for longer or somehow liable to come out unexpectedly. This can be considered above any materialistic life while touching the non-materialistic corners of us. We can control this to some extent but not able to stop for longer. These are resulting from the attachments which we have gathered or incited with from the worldly affairs & from different other relations or contacts more specially with someone who remained very closed to us.

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    .When everyone is happy the things get going, and when we confront with series of setbacks and even bad moments, sometimes we are lost with the thoughts and does not know what to do and how to move about. And some times we are bombarded with death news of some close relatives or persons with whom we had great bonds. All these moments of life get exposed when someone common meets us and we burst into tears leaning on others shoulder. This is were the real bonding takes place between the relative, between the friends and between the well wishers. Yes everyone need a shoulder to express sadness
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    Whenever we are in trouble and trying to come out, we always feel that we should have a person with us whom we really rely on.
    Arjuna is the best warrior and he is supposed to take a lead role in Kurukshetra Sangramam. At the beginning of the war when he has seen all his relations and friends in the opposition he started worrying and decided that he will not go for a war. The same thing he conveyed Krishna and Krishna made him realise the facts and changed his mind.
    In the same way, we will also look for somebody to whom we can express our grief. Many people say if your problem is heard properly by somebody you will get at least 50% relaxation thinking that there is somebody to help you.

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    Ya we actually need

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