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    Do you call it ego or a necessary self attitude?

    Is being egoistic a necessity sometimes? Is there any level at which we can say that our ego has been hurt? Should we control our emotions at the cost of hurting our ego? Let us discuss.

    We say that we should not be an egoist. Ego defines the real attitude problem. But, is it also necessary that we should have it at a minimum level? It is needed so that we can bear other people's useless attitude. Is it so? Sometimes we are not able to display our anger on an argument because there is some goodness in us which lets the other person who is showing that nonsense attitude to understand the truth and as a result, we do not say anything wrong. We do not want to complicate any situation but it automatically gets complicated when a conflict happens. And as a result, the other person hurts your ego badly.

    The question that's troubling my mind is at what level we can count that it is hurting your ego? What is actually that level?
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    Well, when we are talking about levels like any feeling, emotion, happiness or hatred it cannot be measured in that way. Ego is the self, that is judged by comparing our activities to that of others. When somebody is feeling about herself/himself as bigger than own self and most important than anyone then we call that person egoist. When a person is like that you cannot do much other than avoiding that person.

    It is not at all advisable to show anger to anybody because ultimately the person who is showing the anger will suffer a lot. Nobody wants suffering but finds it hard to manage situations during conflicts. Most of the conflicts start from arguments and the person who has the more agitation inside, try to hurt the other person. If you feel hurt, to avoid further conflict stay calm. If you also indulge in hurting the other person the conflict will complicate further. Leave the place of conflict immediately and sit quietly for sometime. Let things cool down, analyze the whole situation then start afresh. Don't let other's action determine the way you should feel. If you do that then for every conflict you will get hurt and pay the price.


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    First of all having ego is the gateway to self destruction as would be slowly discarded and not cared in the society for this bad attitude. By ego some wants to prove their life style and living. Which is not necessary at all for us. By having ego they are distancing themselves from the core group of people who were either too giving respect and regard. Normally a achiever bound to share his joy of progress, and if that is shared in normal manner, it is not a ego, and if the same is shared with tantrums and much fanfare, it is a attitude of ego. But in this society we have to cope up with mixed persons and cannot avoid. And some body shows their attitude with that ego, just watch and appreciate, though you may not like it. And your further silence on the matter would make them understand that they have gone over board on the issue and they would divert themselves.
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    Everyone has ego whether more or less. It is an inherent trait. Sometimes it is acquired from the circumstances in which one is brought up.

    Some people are too meek and humble. In such cases there is a danger that others can exploit them. So some minimum level of ego might be required in human life which can be called self respect also.

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