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    Youth is in danger . Suggest solutions to uphold the future of the country.

    Today's teenagers have a lot of problems to deal with.
    There were youngsters 20 years earlier as well but the difference lies in the fact that teenagers today are stuck in problems like peer pressure, snob appeal, self respect, jealousy , etc.
    They are not facing the burden of earning money but they are facing the burden of building respect among themselves through spending money and living a luxurious life and this need arises from peer pressure and most importantly, observation. Such desires arise from observing people already living very comfortably. The question is "What can youngsters belonging to middle class families do to cope up with their friend circle without having incurred extravagant expenses? "
    This is one of the kinds of problems that kids face today.

    Today, everything is available for everyone. Be it smoking or drinking, even a teenager who is willing to take to such habits can do so even at such a tender age. The possible solutions are that parents sit with their children and make them realise the importance of themselves in the family and make them realise that everything has its own time. There's a life in front of us ready to be embraced in our arms. Let us embrace it instead of risking it. Parents should be friends and must allow their children to be free to an extent to which he / she is on the right path .
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    Nikhil appreciation for your first thread and that is very impressive calling for a introspection on the matter every middle class youth is facing. Student must note that the education being costly from the school to the college level. every parent is coping very hard to spend for fees and transport. And if the child demands for extravagant for parties and outings just to satisfy their peer group, it may not be possible. Only yesterday my neighbor boy who is doing Intermediate has lots of friends at the college and yesterday happens to be his birthday. He sought 2000 rupees from his father for party or giving treat to his friends. Being month end, the middle class father was struggling to manage daily chores and for him 2000 is a big amount. After big argument he parted with 500 rupees and boy was unhappy. Hope this is the same situation at every home. Students must understand and change their attitude on this without pressuring for any extra amount from parents.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very true that today there are many distractions around us, which can mislead the young generation to disastrous paths.

    Already, they are struggling with unemployment, drug abuse, rivalry with colleagues and things like that. They are not sure of their future and their career is a big question mark.

    Parents have a bigger role to play in counselling and helping them till they are on their own.

    Unfortunately our social structure today is such that we do not have any dignity of work. Manual working is looked upon as a low grade activity. Young people do not believe in working part time to earn their pocket money. They will be dependent on their parents till they are having a full time job.

    In such a situation the future of younger generation is at a stake until corrective actions are taken by not only the Govt but also the parents and society.

    Knowledge is power.

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