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    Time and tide wait for none

    Life is a struggle and everyone is busy to achieve ones goals and aspirations.

    People are working hard and putting rigorous efforts to grow in their career or enlarge their business.

    In our life sometimes we get good opportunities while other times we just struggle in the storm. Some people are wise enough to recognise the opportunities and take full advantage of them while some are not so smart and just miss those glorious avenues.

    We must try to avail the opportunities as soon as possible as these will not wait for us. Time and tide wait for none.

    What do you opine about this?
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    It is true. Opportunities do not come so often. The intelligent people take advantage of them at an earliest instance. One has to be very quick and alert if one wants to take full benefit of such situation.

    We can not predict and prepare for such good times. We have to take instantaneous decisions based on them. Only those persons who can identify such opportunities can success in availing them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I do agree with the author. Everybody has a specific goal and while going through the different paths to achieve that goal, we face hurdles. With our perseverance we hang on to the target and we become successful. Opportunities come at some particular moments and we must utilize them properly to achieve the target.

    People who are attentive enough, look for the opportune moment and when it comes they make use of it. If somebody waits for too long that opportunity will go away and she/he has to wait for the next one. We are not sure, when the next opportunity will knock at our door, so it is always necessary to properly utilize the opportunity whenever we are getting a chance to.


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    This is the grand old saying. Time is precious and those who have understood the value of time are always the winners and be a talk of the town person. Because time gone or passed away cannot be redeemed or recouped. So we have to plan things in such a way that we must adhere to the timing and wont waste others precious time too. Punctuality is the hall mark of a professional person. And coming to the tide. In Tamil there is a saying. " Vetri Venduma pottu parada ethir neechal" , That means if you want to taste the success, go against the tide. And if you cannot cope with the competition of life, get along with the tide and reach the shore. By the way having seen the high tides raging towards us, we should not venture into the sea at all. That is one more take that think before you leap. If that is also taken care off, life is going to be smooth as ever.
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    Absolutely. Time waits for none and opportunity comes for once and we should grab it.

    I have seen people who don't care for the time and repent afterwards. One should be disciplined enough and should do things on time. Time doesn't stop like tides in the sea. If wait for the things to do in last minute there are chances that we may not be able to finish that work on time. Its better to plan things and do things timely.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Time and tide wait for none so act now and do not delay any work for future. Take advatage of the present time.

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    Few of the terms & conditions or sayings are never to be questioned & therefore always remained evergreen & so is the case with the current thread. When we say that, "We must try to avail the opportunities as soon as possible as these will not wait for us", is good enough to create a perception about the overall image out of it that only present has got some meaning & for rest there is no value. The best way to learn about the practical life is to understand this simple fact. Good one.

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