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    Correct usage of the words girl child in a sentence

    I am a little confused about the manner in which the words 'girl child' is used, including by ISCians in the forum or in article comments. Let's say, for example, I wish to talk about the close bond a girl has with her father. Why refer to her as a girl child? Why not say a daughter? If the child is very young, then one could refer to her as a little girl.

    From my understanding, the reference to a girl child would come into the picture when, say, campaigning specifically for educating girls. Thus, I feel it would be Ok to talk about educating the girl child and, at the same time, mention the importance of letting daughters attend school and not only getting admission to the school for one's sons.

    Otherwise, is it really required to emphasize and use the words girl child? Can someone give examples of sentences where these words really need to be used?
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    A good thread to think about. We hear the term girl child, but I have never heard anybody saying boy child. I think it is used only for emphasizing any thing particular as mentioned in the example. In India, girls are neglected everywhere. Be it in family, education or health they lag behind boys because of certain preconceived ideas prevalent in our society. The term girl child may be used to give a thrust to the much needed developmental aspects of the girls and in all other cases the usage of the term, when not meant to emphasize, is unnecessary. Daughter or little girl is the best word that we can use.

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    Actually female child is what eventually became as girl child to distinguish it from the male child.

    In our society, there is always some emphasis on girls - a sort of restriction or a demand of soft behavior or learning household work since early age etc etc.

    These things wanted a distinction between the two and the use of girl child became prevalent.

    There is nothing special required from a male child except that he has to study and get a job and support the family.

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    Why should I feel that "daughter" is more formal a way to address a female offspring? Daughter comes from the German word Tochter which means a "girl child". Linguistically though both words are the same, 'girl child' sounds unsatisfactory and raw. But I've come across words like "female ward","young lady" etc as words addressing a female child.
    Just as you suggest, only in advertisements and campaigns we come across the "girl child".
    Or this could be used when the status of a "daughter" is not clear and the child could be for emphasis on age.
    Ex: He saved that girl child from fire.

    But in general, with the word "girl" the age is understood. She could be anywhere from 3 to 18. Later we might refer to her as a lady. Referring to women highly depends on the culture you are from. In some cultures a girl becomes a woman in a very young age. In such cases mentioning "girl child" becomes necessary.
    So the third person point of views and the cultural views can be some examples where using a "girl child" might sound appropriate .

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    Let there not be unnecessary discrimination between terming a girl as girl - child or female - child. The term daughter can be used wherever it is applicable. We are in habit of making unnecessary terminologies in case of daughters.
    The society has made some stringent rules applicable for the girl - child such as maintaining low tone while conversing with others, avoiding unnecessary laughing and they are given training in the house - hold chores since their childhood.
    The male child has been exempted from doing any domestic work other than his studies so that he has to perform well in his academic career. This will help the male child to get a coveted job so that he can discharge his job effectively.
    The old regulation of the society needs some modification with the time so that there exists harmony between the two genders.

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    Expressing is the prerogative of every person and we cannot force anyone in this context. When we write on girl child, we tend to use different words based on the topic and the demand of the words pertaining to girl child. It may be daughter, little girl, baby doll etc . What I feel that when someone in referring to a incident or the a challenging situation has to be revealed then mentioning as girl child is appropriate. But when the person wants to share the excitement of achievement of his own child, then the word daughter is most appropriate to be used. And it all depends on the people to understand too.
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    In many cases, use of the word ''daughter/daughters'' may not be appropriate. In such cases, we have to use ''girl-child''. As for example, Ram saved the girl-child from drowning. Here, the word ''daughter'' would not be appropriate.

    Nowadays, 'girl-child'' is widely being used.

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    The girl-child sounds discriminating because for boys the word boy-child is not used. Sometimes though it becomes necessary to use the word girl-child and there is nothing wrong unless it sounds like a gender bias.

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    From the above conversations, I came to know that there is little discrimination between girl child and daughter because girl-child is the word sustaining on the dignity of female gender irrespective of the birth. On other hand, daughter is the word stressing on the enhancing the value of female gender by identifying her in the society through the relation pertaining to a family.

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