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    Will you like to have a free trip to moon?

    Let us imagine that there is a space company which to promote it's business offers you and many others a free trip to moon in their fully tested spacecraft.

    Also assume that you are in a physically fit condition and as per the international safety and health regulations you are very fit to take up this travel.

    Will you accept this offer and board the spacecraft?
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    I don't feel that anyone would have any objections for this proposal & therefore let's wait that this already in process with your name first on the list.

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    Only physically fit people will be allowed to go to space or to the moon. And the fitness standard would be so high that more than 99% people would fail. So, I don't aspire to go to space or to the moon, at least in this birth.
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    Wow that is the dream come true offer and I shall certainly accept that. Why because when we used to sleep on the roof top during summer when I was child, on the Pournami day I used to wonder if we can go to moon one day. Now that this offer comes suddenly I shall accept with happiness.
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    Well, if I am selected for the trip I will definitely go there. Any new venture fascinates me and I will be more than excited to travel to the moon. I have heard about space explorations and their difficulties too, but if given a chance why to waste the opportunity. Moreover I have heard and seen pictures that says the earth looks really wonderful from the moon. There was a murmur some time ago about a privately funded moon exploration for the interested individuals. I am one of the interested few and hope to board the spacecraft along with all the interested members of ISC. I am waiting to hear further from the space company.

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    I wouldn't be interested in a free trip to the moon but I would rather accept a free round trip around the world. That would be more exciting.

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    Moon isn't very appealing. I really like astrology and exploring but moon is kind of lonely. Moon sits far, alien looking and is very uncomfortable. I will be happy looking at moon from earth. Nothing is sweeter than home. I've heard that moon smells like burnt rubber and gunpowder. With all that uneasiness I don't think anyone would like it there.
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    Sorry Umesh,
    I don't like to leave the earth to see the moon where there is no human being or animal being. East or west, home is the best. Sun or Moon, ISC is the best for Sun. The main reason for my denial is - I will be missing ISC and the lovely members.

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    If we get missed on the earth, there is a possibility of returning back to our home. But we get missed in the Space, we don't know whether we can be traced again. See the situation of Chandrayan I, our scientists are not able to trace the whereabouts of it. Even after some time, if scientists find it, there won't be any issue as it is a non-living thing and scientists can claim that they got succeeded in finding it after putting lot of efforts. But God won't allow me to survive for such a long duration if I got missed in the Space. So, I am not interested in the trip to Moon even if they give me money, forget about free trip.

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