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    When robots will be manufacturing robots! The man-machine conflict is imminent

    I am startled at the report of the World Economic Forum, published recently, that says robots will take over around 75 million jobs throughout the world by 2022. There is a positive side in the report too, that suggests around 133 million new jobs will be created. The report suggests that the employment will increase in few fields like, software development, social media handlers, customer support and trainers in respective fields. Some analysts fear a recession also. I am not sure whether both these assumptions are correlated. The fourth industrial revolution is progressing exponentially and the breakthroughs made in every field are unthinkable. We are not sure where it will lead to and how the world will shape up in the coming years. If so many jobs are taken over by robots then what will humans do? The man-machine conflict seems to be imminent.

    Imagine the situation, where robots will be manufacturing robots. Gone are the days when humans manufactured robots for their own suitability, in the next phase we are going to be directed by those gizmos in many situations. I fear even for little mistakes on our part we will be punished by the robots. We will be the minority in terms of technical capabilities.
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    In the first place the nature has got its own arrangements for settling the things & this whole continues till everything gets balanced. Sometimes this balancing is in fast mode but sometimes this takes lots of time to get noticed of the changes. The fast mode of consists of the floods or earthquakes but slow process can be evident of the climatic changes. So for author's concern, nothing to worry about because for every change there is some positive & negative impacts & what remained in between would be balanced by the action of the nature. If we compare today's scenario with what it was 100 years back then we can be evident of huge atomization with interlinked information system but this has come up with huge & innovative ideas & discoveries which has somehow provided us with more better & improved opportunities around us. Anyone who kept themselves aware & updated of the latest changes are resourced for a better living but others who have lost of this opportunity have been left with nothing but to keep on regretting the things.

    In response to the second para, I would like to clarify that few only supposed to exist in the fantasy island & is not happened to be part of the reality shows. The human being are ultimately got with the limitations after a certain degree of executions on their end.

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    Though we are coming across the fact that future is belonging to the robots and human being will no longer be required as employees. But I feel there is no such fear. Why because, a robot is the programmed device and that works in the command issued by the man or its master. That means to work on the robot too, the supervision of the man is required. Only man has the 6 sense and no one can compete or have the equivalence of the man performance. However robots can be used for small routine works which need not have frequent checks. There may be new jobs created for the robots purpose but not at the cost of manly jobs.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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