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    The Best Method To Improve Analytical And Logical Skills Among Students?

    Learning is the basic need of a student. While in school this process evolves through various means. Teachers help in nurturing students with their skills to make students learn the syllabus efficiently. They take utmost care to provide the best education to their students and use various methods to enhance the learning skills. Quiz and Puzzles are one of the best technique used to teach students since ages, and it is a proven fact that this method develops analytical and logical skills of the students and progress in a good way towards success in their respective lives. Therefore it can be said that:
    "Quiz & Puzzles", are The Best Methods to Improve Analytical and Logical Skills among Students.
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    Practice can't make anyone perfect but at least can bring the individual to the nearest of its target & therefore the best method to improve analytical & logical skills among students is to apply more practice in it. With the availability of 24*7 internet the different websites are well equipped with can be utilized for this. The good suggestion is to approach from the simple to difficult questionnaires & in varied proportions in order to achieve the efficiency & accuracies. Thanks to the internet that now we don't have to spend heavily on costly books & syllabuses in order to learn all these.

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    The author is requested to pl. restrict the capital words being used in the sentences to its normal course & even while drafting a title as this doesn't suite the discussion. During earlier times I also used to do the same but then got some objection from the ISC team to follow normal course for any submissions.

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    Apart from analytical and logical skills, the students should also be exposed to the general knowledge questions which is also important. Now a days the interviews are conducted on the general knowledge more as to know whether the candidate is posted of the latest developments around him. By the way quiz and puzzles do improve the knowledge and also the vocabulary. Apart from that daily news paper editorial must be read as each news paper has their own way of convincing the explaining the things to the readers and especially The Hindu editorials are simply superb.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Solving quiz and puzzles definitely helps in sharpening our logical and analytical skills. Only thing is we must attempt different types of puzzles exposing us to a variety of them.

    I have seen some of these in the guidebooks for various competitive exams where aptitude tests are held.

    These exercises not only prepare and enhance our deduction powers but also help us in solving any problem in a logical way.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thanks for your valuable responses. Your opinions are welcome. Knowledge is the key to success and it needs to be expanded to each individual of the society so that everyone could benefit with it. Good Luck Friends!

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