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    Law was not that strict in the past.

    Recently the word " Dalit" has been seen as someone being abused and rightly so why people comment on people.

    I have observed people do discriminate, they may not utter a word but definetly see them differently.

    Recently a FIR has been lodged where a "Dalit" girl attempted suicide by consuming poison. As per her two professors of the college were harassing her and making castiest remarks. She uploaded a video of the same on Facebook thats how the case was highlighted and the professors were caught.

    Now what comes in my mind, how shameful it is that schools and colleges where we are taught that we all are equal there too such things are happening.

    Secondly as this case is related to castism so is highlighted. If she were a common girl, it might not have been highlighted that much. What do you say? Is media not highlighting such case and provoking people?
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    Due to increase in crimes and terrorism today, enforcement of strict laws is a necessity.

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    The law has been opened to help downtrodden and under privileged and in the recent past due to awareness in the social media the security cover given to the Dalits are increasing. Good that law and order are favoring them but at the same time police should not hurry in their investigations as to what may be the real reason for harassment or crime against the Dalit. Because if the police fail to notice the reality, the court would pull the law enforcing agencies for any such shortcoming. Nevertheless the law should be equal to all and not favoring one section or other , otherwise the unrest in other sects wold increase.
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    Law is always law but people who having biased nature. Law is to protect the people from the problem or to punishments for their mistakes. Should teach the moral is the right solution. Most important is follow the laws.

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    Law remains as the law forever. In earlier days, no one bothered abut their caste. The lower caste people respected the higher class people. Caste is based on their profession. They were much obedient. There was no complaint from the lower caste about the higher class for any abuse or ill treatment. Presently, the upliftment of the lower caste with special privileges, reservations etc has made them superior to disrespect other people. They have learned to harass others on the name of caste insult. The law enforcing authorities should deal with the cases after thorough investigation.
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    For me, we are not intelligent enough to understand the whole conceptualization here or if still having the understanding but unable to get the reality side this whole picture.

    In the first place why we look to or interested onto all such incidences with inclusion of a certain sections of our society? Do you feel that the injustices are happening to the community as a whole or are happening to an individual person only? If we understand with the fact than the injustices are happening to only the individuals but is getting highlighted when it is being associated with so called the backward layer of our society or else this got nothing to do with the politics or with the media. We need to understand this agenda of the political parties & of the media which only move as per their TRP. It's sad that we are so divided among & within ourselves that we are no more a human being but we are completely based on the identities of the type of social strata which we belong to.

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