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    Why do some people like to remain busy 24/7 ?

    There are some people who will be always searching for tasks to keep their selves busy. They can not sit idle. If there is no work for him they will pursue their hobbies.

    On the other hand many of the people are easy going and relax time to time and even idle happily to pass time. At many times in their life they will be just resting and relaxing and will attend to the jobs when it is really warranted. They will never search for jobs to keep them selves occupied.

    Is it the upbringing or inherent traits that create such difference in personalities? What do you think about this?
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    I am the second one. In the leisure time I like to rest and relax whereas my father is different he search works in leisure time. We have been watching him since childhood and appreciate his this habit but still could not inherit the same.

    What I feel is reseting and relaxing also is essential for our body, always working 24/7 is sometimes harmful. So we should keep things balanced.


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    No person can remain busy 24x7. There may be some workaholic people, but even such people take rest for 4-6 hours. If someone says or presents a picture that he/she is always busy, it means that person is pretending to be busy.
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    The personality remains a very complex phenomenon throughout with anything impossible to predict with 100% accuracies. If we admit then few of the facts then few of the personalities would tend to work consistently which we commonly refer to as workaholic & they don't even get tired as everything relates with their interest. Most of the successful businessman along with few of the politicians along with few other individuals who doesn't come under any of these categories can be considered as workaholic because if not moving physically but then occupied within their mind about the actions & results so far along with the actions & outcomes of the future too.

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    It is a personal choice and yes, an inherent trait. Those people who are busy 24*7 have a mind which is active all the time. They find sitting idle is a wastage of time and look for works all the time. They have a high energy level and you will find them very enthusiastic about any ventures.

    It's a good way to beat depression if you can keep yourself busy all the time. If you have a family history of depression, then after sitting idle for a long time many unwanted things may pop up in your mind which may create trouble.

    On the other hand relaxing in between works is a good habit and keeps you joyful and upbeat. Everybody must have a time for leisure, but too much relaxation is a sign of laziness also. So we need to manage our time for both. When working, we should concentrate on what we are doing and while relaxing we should not think of work and do things that help us to relax.


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    Those who are habituated to be busy on all working days including holidays, they cannot keep quiet and sit idle. So they pursue one work or the other and want to make their time productive.
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    Person like to relax or work is depends on person to person. Some person don't like to work and always try to avoid doing any work. These persons are lazy most person. Relax and work both are important for our life. At time of work we do our work and at the time of relax we must be relax. Relaxing recharge us.

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    People who are ambitious and want to progress in life are generally seen busy in work. They will not be wasting time in useless activities.

    On the other hand, those who are not very much ambitious take things casually and do not mind the setbacks and failures.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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