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    How far do you believe in the physical form or existence of the God & the Goddess?

    The Indian culture is said to be the Godless creature with the oldest scripture available as "VEDAS", are not consisting of any briefings in context to the physical form of the supreme Lord or of God. In reference to this, how far do you agree with forming an idol of someone & putting-up with the prayers with the impression that your wishes would be fulfilled? Don't we feel that by adapting to such principles & actions, we are proving ourselves more superstitious?
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    Believing in God and worshipping idols is only a tradition in our cultural belief and it is no way connected to their existence, if any.

    The caveman, long long ago, might have discovered that just by praying in times of calamities was useful to him in getting rid of the impounding dangers of nature and human race continued this tradition as learnt from their ancestors. That could be a reason why all human races on Earth have this tradition of praying to the divine power in one form or other. Idol worshipping is also such a form.

    Scientifically speaking it is only a fear of that divine power or human greed to get affluence by praying Him that is in fact the motive being these beliefs or superstitions.

    It is very difficult to remove from our minds the deep rooted beliefs and concepts and even the best analytical and logical minds fail there. If a person is rational and is not fearing anything in the world, he does not need to take support or shelter under any divine power in any form.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good post initiated by the author. Yes the idols of God and Goddess what we are seeing is the creation and creativity of human being and they have done so by reading the ancient books and vedas. For example we know the story of Lord Ganesh as to how he got the head of the elephant and thus the elephant God is curved and made in that way. Like wise Lord Venkashwara is made in the standing posture with lots of jewels adoring him. Legend says that he took loan from Kubera for his marriage and he is repaying them through the hundi contributions of the devotees. But at the same time he loves to be adorned with jewels. Hence that grand look of his statues. Likewise Hanuman is the brahmachari and on the request of Sita he looks in the Kesari color and that is why we have seen the branded statue of Kesari Hanuman everywhere. And Vedas says that even a stone is prayed daily it gets the supernatural power and so our God Goddess statues.
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