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    We do take care of physical fitness, but what about mental fitness ?

    Do you think mental fitness is as important or maybe more, as physical fitness? Do you take sufficient care to keep yourself mentally fit? Do you think we should accord priority to maintaining a mental balance? Come up with your views and suggestions on this pertinent issue in this thread.

    Many of us including children and youth are taking to physical fitness in their own way by going for a morning walk, brisk walking, jogging, running, field exercise and Yoga. It is good that some people are doing such exercises in the evenings too. But many are not giving a thought on the mental fitness. So what can be done to have good mental fitness? I feel laughing and smiling is the best therapy which can keep our mind in happiness and we look good. What is your take on this and give more suggestions from your end?
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    Physical and mental health both are important for us. In these days people are interested in physical health and worry about six ad peds. Laughing is good for mental health, but yoga and meditation are good for mental and physical health.

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    A thought provoking thread from the author. We take care of our physical health through different means like exercise, gym, swimming etc but don't care much about our mental health. There is an alarming rise in depression and according to WHO depression is going to be the second most leading causes of diseases globally by 2020. So, we must take care of our mental health too to keep depression at bay.

    Physical exercise of high intensity releases endorphins which helps to feel joyful and good. Listening to soothing instruments also helps us to reduce stress. Another way to care for our mental health is meditation, it works really well according to various studies.


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    A nice thread from the author. Physical and mental - both the healths are important. They are complementary to each other. They are the two faces of the same coin.

    Schooling system is already there for toning of the mental health. In addition children are having hobbies or educational games to further strengthen it.

    Regular exercises and walks are also essential and many brilliant children due to lethargy miss it. This impacts their health adversely.

    What is required is a balance of both the activities.

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    A thought provoking thread . Mental fitness is utmost required to maintain physical fitness . Both are like two side of a coin . Yes , we do lots of things for a healthy boody . But we should do something simultaneously for mental fitness . According to me for mental fitness first we should keep our mind happy and stressfree . In order to keep our mind stress free we should do yoga , meditation regularly . Besides these , we can keep our mind cool by listening music , reading books and doing favorite works which can provide mental solace . We should learn kow to avoid negative thoughts or tension by doing some creative works . We need to follow some great lines from the great books which can motivate us to do good works with a peaceful mind . I always follow the Gita . One of the noteworthy words from the Gita which I follow everyday and get tremendous positive energy is 'Remove the unpleasant aspects of life and enjoy the world.'
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    The best way is not to get overloaded with the jobs & at the same time make the necessary arrangements in order to complete the jobs on time so as to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the mind & on the body. But as the author has mentioned that, while we are taking care of physical fitness by going for a morning walk, brisk walking, jogging, running, field exercise and Yoga, the same also helps in reducing the mental pressures as well. On the overall the YOGA can provide us with the best of the medicines for refreshing the entire body including our brain. I would like to make one addition here that when the author say, "I feel laughing and smiling is the best therapy which can keep our mind in happiness and we look good", that this should come from within & should be natural & not artificial which we often have evident of when it's related to the countdown. Good thread.

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    Very good point raised by the author.

    Most of us care for physical fitness but don't even think of the mental fitness. In today's world when we all have lots of tension so its essential that we must think about our mental fitness too.

    I am opposite to others as I am more concerned about my mental illness. There are various ways by which I keep myself relaxed. The best way I do is play with my kids. There are many games we play together. There is lots of laughing and fun we do while doing it. Apart from this we go to park. Chatting with the friends nearby my home is also one of the way.

    I know people have very tight schedules and we get very less time but thats the thing we should compulsorily do. If we are not mentally fit then we can't keep ourself physically fit also. So we should think of it and should give more emphasis towards it.


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    Thanks, K. Mohan to raised this important Topic. We all need to maintain our daily routine to care about both metal and physical health. Because this is the superlative gift of GOD for us.

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