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    Parents should encourage sports and games in the neighborhood

    The present school educational system has so much of home work to do. The project work is mostly done by parents who literally do everything for their children.

    The hapless children are taxed so much. There is hardly anything called sports and games in the entire scheme of things. I guess this is becoming a horrible thing, telling on the health of children.

    The only alternative is to engage the children in sports and games on the weekends, compulsorily.

    This should happen very seriously and parents should mobilize all resources available to get this done. There will be playgrounds in the neighborhood of different schools. Their help can be solicited and some encouragement for sports and games can be given.

    What do members feel about this suggestion? As such, in the urban centers, are we not creating a big class of children who know nothing about sports and games?
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    I agree. Most of the home work which a child get these days is for parents. Without parents indulgence these can't be completed. I know as my kids are in 5th standard and every time when they have summer or winter breaks we get busy in making their projects and other homework. It looks as if they are made for parents only.

    Regarding sports and games they hardly are indulged in it in schools. I remember when I was a kid I used to play many games which don't require anything like "hide n seek", kho kho and many such games whereas these days kids don't know about these games. Even kids don't get time to play which is essential for the growth of the kids.


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    Most of the parents are desperate to give best education to their children and in that melee they are completing forgetting the fact that children should have the time for playing outside and after school hours too parents insists that the child goes to the tuition , because he has to cope up with the competition at the class. What I presume that parents want education first and sports activities next. They also fear that if the child gets diverted to indoor or out door games , he may withdraw from active studying. Contrary to that I have seen many good studying students are equally good in sports. The parents need not send the child to the academy or the sports club, at least they must allow the child to mingle with colony children and play the traditional games and sure they get full energy back home for having relieved for few moments with game.
    K Mohan
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    Agree with you. Now a days children do n't have ample of time for physical activities . After school they have to finish their homeworks , projects along with these need to attend tution classes. So lots of pressures are there which do not allow them to think about playing any games with friends . Some presents put pressure on their children to do work according to their choice . They never let their child to go outside for playing . They impose extra restriction on their child . Whenever a child remains under pressure for all time he/she suffers from frustration and depression . Prolonged frustrations lead to major health issues .

    It is noted that physical activities are very essentially for a grown up child as it keeps their body fit and fine as well as refreshes mind. A healthy body and happy mind can do evrything in right way . So along with study they should mange time for playing any outdoor games . Parents should encourage them to play in neighborhood with their friends .

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    I don't feel that for any schools or institutions, the sports or games are not taken care of but instead for any of those which have more than average level of standard are consisting of such facilities in which the students can learn & participate in various sports or games. For smaller establishments we might not be having the ground facilities but may have facilitated with the indoor games. In any metropolitan cities, we can be evident of the local parks being occupied with the youngsters playing the outdoor games like the football or cricket or as they interested onto & therefore I am not 100% convinced with the views of the author.

    In addition, there is no denying the fact that the children are burdened with the heavy syllabuses but due to increasing competitions this is the need of the day & that they need to be taught in a way so as to live & grow with balanced life.

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    Students need not participate full time in any sports activities, at least they must be aware about each sport and its rules. If that is learned at the neighborhood it will go a long way to get attached with a sport later.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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