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    It’s more or less is a matter of perception only?

    Do you feel that your acknowledgment or reactions towards any commodity revolves around with predetermined notions? In order to understand this let's take an example here that now a days every car manufacturers have lined up with the best of their models so as to get the maximum market share. We too got the attractions of all those models running on roads but have you noticed that our perceptions are changed in an instant when we take a note of the company logo on those car models? May be many of us haven't gone through such observations but this could be an interesting fact to note. What do you feel?
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    What you are talking about is the brand loyalty. But not every one is particular about the brand. If brand was the reason to purchase there cannot be so many brands of cars or the bikes on the road. It is the comfort, affordability , style, looks and above all the likes of the person who drives. For example I have used almost all brands of two wheeler say scooter. I found every band had its own importance and style. Now I am owning TVS brand, which is Indian made and my earlier ones were disposed off for want of spare parts. So I was forced to accept this brand for spare parts availability. Likewise cars also matters.
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    #649275, no it's not about "brand loyalty". I give you an example here to make it more clear. Suppose there is one car in front of you which is thought to be of some premium brand say BMW or AUDI but when come closer you found this to be belonging to some other brand say TATA, your whole perception of that same car gets changed in an instant.

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    It's a kind of a psychological issue. In our everyday life, we take many actions/decisions based on some preconceived ideas. For example, a student in your neighbourhood scored remarkably well in exams, but from his past records you know that he is not a good student. So, on hearing about his good performance few people in your locality will say there must be something wrong in the examination process, because they have an idea imprinted in their mind that the student cannot score well. They will stop short of thinking that he has toiled for his success.

    When you see a car of wonderful design and colour, it is natural for some people to think of some luxurious brands as the manufacturer of that car. But just after looking on to the logo, if they found it is not matching with their imagination they will think since it is not from a good brand, it's quality also will be not that good.

    This tendency of thinking works with persons who have a great fascination for luxurious brands and think that other brands do not add much value in the market.


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    I would agree with what Mohan sir said here, but not calling it the brand loyalty, we can call it as Branding impact. A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of a consumer. As a consumer, we have built that particular image of any brand based on its appearance and price and quality, capability in our mind. If we are assuming AUDI, we are imagining a big picture, a giant kind of an outlook and if that thing turns out to be of another brand, our mind feels unsatisfied.
    It is really a collection of perceptions that form a brand's name.

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