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    He wants to tie up those mosquitoes in his room!

    It's so interesting to talk to the kids. They have fantasies, ideas and will find some solutions for you that may sound unrealistic but funny. The other day I met a kid at the market, trying to help his mother by holding the bag. She was purchasing lemons and since plastic carry bag is restricted, became a little confused about where to keep those lemons because the bag she is carrying is filled with grocery items. The kid promptly suggested that there is a big pocket in the trouser he is wearing and all those lemons can be kept there safely. A good suggestion!

    I started a conversation with the little fellow and got to know that he is very kind hearted and even does not want to kill insects. I told him that mosquitoes are very naughty and he ought to kill them. I started laughing at his reply. He told me that he will tie up those mosquitoes in his room and will teach them not to bite people. Only a child can have such a weird idea. I am still wondering how he will tie up those tiny mosquitoes with the thread!
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    What I feel that the child would do is - Since mosquitoes are much interested in sucking bloods, Just pierce your finger with a small needle. The blood will ooze out. Just apply the oozing blood on a thread, and hang it inside the room. The mosquitoes will home on to the thread which has the blood strains. All the mosquitoes will hang on the thread.

    @ This I told to a child, and the child gave me this idea to keep the mosquitoes away.

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    Childish thoughts are always adorable and enjoyable. Though his idea of implementation in not possible but still the way he expressed to punish the mosquitoes and teach them a lesson is praise worthy. That means he had the anger and want to done the role of the teacher , probably taking cue from his class experience on how the teacher would mend the ways of the erring students. By the way you should have told the little boy that the life of the mosquito is just one day and for which how can his punishment would last and is it not a crime to punish when the insect is about to die on its own ?

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    Though a mosquito lives for a day or two, if it bites, its effect will be so severe that we will have to remain in hospital for many weeks to get cured or to get expired with no cure for the bite. Remember, the Dengue mosquitoes have taken away many lives from this earth. Hence no mercy on mosquitoes whether they live for few hours or few days.

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