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    Are we prejudiced while making personal choices?

    When it comes to talking to someone in your circle many people tend to follow suggestions of others. For example, in your new workplace you will find new colleagues, new boss and absolutely a different environment. There you may find a person or two who will say something about some other persons and will warn you about certain characters of that person which may jeopardize your career. The same thing may happen in your neighbourhood, where some people's views or suggestions influence our choices.

    Now, the problem is those people who are saying something terrible about some other persons may have some personal grudge against those persons and want us to be by their side. Sometimes, the warnings may be real also and it turns out that keeping in touch with them is a real headache. But as long as you are not starting a conversation you will never know how that person is. I think a mere conversation with someone is not going to harm you in any case, but few people avoid that too just by listening to those warnings from the others. Since talking to someone or choosing associates are absolutely personal choices, then why others views are given importance on personal choices without verification?
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    A very much agreeable point. Listening to others views is good, but we should have our own opinions first. We should be talking to people always, and not make any choice just by other's opinions and views. This also depends upon person to person. Some people prefer talking first and then making any opinion about the other person while some people follow the words of others while making personal choices.
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    Some people takes jibes at others just because they wont like and for that matter their disagreement may not be our agreement with them. We have to think from our side before arriving at any conclusion.
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    When we interact with people then there will be many who will be telling about a third persons many things which may be positive or negative about him. So we should not be biased by what the people talk about others as we do not know the truth.

    Until unless we find out the motive of these communications there is no point in accepting them. What the people want - are they praising the good qualities of a person or criticising him because of jealousy or simply back biting because they have a habit of doing it. So these things have to be considered before taking the cognizance of talks made by others.

    Biasing or being prejudiced spoils our analytical skills and we can not differentiate between the good and bad.

    We must see things with open mind.

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    To be prejudiced is basically forming an opinion based on the views of others. I think it is a natural reaction to be prejudiced when you don't have an independent knowledge about a particular issue or person and is squarely influenced by the thought or opinion of others. But it gains a negative connotation when you don't make any effort to reason it out or to give it a fair thought so as to arrive at a personal decision. Once you check out and verify facts and arrive at a personal opinion, the prejudice is no longer there even if you maintain the same stand; and that is what personal choice is all about.
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