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    The demography of Indian population is changing fast. What could be the implications?

    In terms of demographic scenario, what we used to have during the times of independence would found to be completely different when compared with today's circumstances. In proportion, wherein the Hindu population have gone down but on the other hand the Muslim population which used to be 4-5% is now consisting of on an average 20% of the total population, although they still considered to be on the minority side. Do you feel that the possible consequences out of it could be more or less unexpected? Why we are afraid of speaking onto this openly?
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    There has been consistency among Hindus to maintain the population and they adhered to the government rules of one family two members. Whereas in other communities , they wont follow the government order and more than one marriage and having child from other wife is also uncontrollable and thus the population of a certain community is bound to increase. One day will come when Hindus will surely become minorities and this going to happen. When Indira Gandhi coined hum do hamare do concept of family planning, there were wide protest and hue and cry. From that day that particular community wont follow any rules and regulations formulated by the government. I know one family in Hyderabad who has four wives and from them 48 children. But he is doing justice to all. But who is going feel the brunt of population boom this way ?
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    #649332, I am not doubting but still, "I know one family in Hyderabad who has four wives and from them 48 children", is hard to believe. What's happening?

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    Yes, the demography of India has been changing. It has become alarming due to conversion by inducement, marriage and by force along with infiltration. We have to admit this and to adopt strict corrective measures without giving lame excuses in favour of demographic changes. Otherwise, another painful partition awaits the country.
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    This topic was raised before and discussed. According to the statistics available on Wikipedia, the Hindu Population was 84.1% in 1951, 83.45% in 1961, 82.73% in 1971, 82.3% in 1981, 81.53% in 1991, 80.46% in 2001 and 79.8% in 2011. The corresponding figures for the Muslim community are 9.8%, 10.69%,11.21%, 11.75%, 12.61%, 13.43% and 14.23% respectively. According to some statistics available on the internet, at present, the Hindu population is about 74.33% and the Muslim population is about 14.2%. Assuming a decrease of 5% in the Hindu population and an increase of 2% in Muslim population over a period of 10 years span, the Muslim community may outnumber the Hindu population in about 400 to 500 years or more. I am not sure of my calculation.
    No one is afraid of talking about this. This topic is in discussion in almost all circles. Only the time will tell the consequences.

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    #649339, don't you feel that we haven't formulated with "Hum do hamare do" policy & the same is good enough to understand our approach here?

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    The partition would not require the present minority population to become more than 50% of the total population. As and when these minorities cross 30% stage, they would start demanding separate country/countries for themselves. This trend has already been seen in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam and in some north-eastern states.
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    There is no legislation to limit the number of children. It is up to the individuals. As you have raised the thread, why not give your opinion on the possible consequences and the remedial measures to be taken?
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    #649342, I had an imagination that each one of us are well aware of the consequences already but hope so that few would never be interested onto this for whatever reasons. In addition to Mr. Partha's comment (#649341), we already have exceeded the population over the natural resources that we now concern more about the scarcity of the resources all around & throughout a year and again increasing. If I am not wrong than we have 14% of the population but only 3% of the fresh water resources. What else you want to know & how long you would take this to understand?

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    In any country, whatever be the system of Govt, one thing is very important and that is the rules and regulations for it's citizens.

    The rules and regulations should be same for all the communities irrespective of the religion.

    If religion and cast come above nation's interest then all short of anomalies ocurr. Whatever be the reason for it - political or religious stubbornness, it is condemnable.

    Patriotism and motherland should be above all other considerations if a nation wants to rise among the global powers.

    If the citizens are abiding by the rule of the land there are no threats from demographic imbalances.

    Knowledge is power.

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    One can understand when the author is clear about what he wants to convey. The thread started with Hindu, Muslim population and later during discussion diverted to natural resources. One should be clear about which aspect he wants the discussion to take place. The natural resources are common to all. Over-exploitation of natural resources is not good. We have to leave something for the future generations also. Prudent exploration of natural resources is a must for the survival of the humankind.
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    #649349, everything is interrelated. Isn't it? So what's wrong if we are mixing the reasons with the causes?

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    Mr. KVRR, in addition, I referred to the natural resources with reference to you query or comment (#649342), "As you have raised the thread, why not give your opinion on the possible consequences and the remedial measures to be taken?".

    I am not diverting the thread for whatsoever reasons & for rest I have my say on #649353.

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    If we study Indian history with open eyes and mind, then we will find that since the time of invasion by Alexandar, two types of Indians have caused terrible damage to the nation-state. The first group sided with the invaders due to some petty quarrel with others. The second group of people which caused terrible harm are that group which has refused to understand/comprehend the danger despite repeated warnings.

    Even today, there is no dearth of these two types of people.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The intentions were purely on the religious basis initially and I had to respond accordingly. One of our members is still continuing in that angle only. The natural resources seem to be an afterthought and good one too. On both the counts, I can understand your concerns which you expressed on my prodding. For a person who can see the others as human beings and nothing else, the natural resources mainly water is definitely a point of concern and population explosion is a cause to worry. Unless the population is controlled we may face many troubles as envisaged by you. For those fanatics who see everything from the religious point of view, there is nothing one can do.
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    #649360, Isn't the case too? We also must know about the fact that in terms of land resources also the ratio more or less remains the same wherein the Indian subcontinent carries 16 % of the total world population but only 3-4% of the total land resources & therefore don't you feel that demographic properties remained to be seen as an essential criteria during any decision making process. If you are not bound to follow the rules & regulations then this must not be the liability for the rest of the communities as well & if anyone could provide the logic about why I shouldn't think this way because we already have suffered a lot during the partition in 1947.

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