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    Are we not going against the nature, culture and faith?

    Dear Members,
    Are we not going against the nature, culture and faith?
    The recent judgements passed by the judiciary of India is against the nature, culture and faith. Why I say this -
    1.The judgement supporting the and marriage between same sex is against the nature.
    2.The verdict supporting the adultery is against our culture.
    3.The verdict supporting the women visiting Sabari hills is against our faith.

    What is your good thought ?
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    From the above three judgement there seems to be concerted effort by the vested interest to weaken the rich culture and tradition of our country. The judgement supporting marriage between the same sex is something our culture does not permit and for court it is ok. And the biggest blow is the verdict supporting the adultery. Which is nothing but going against one person one partner concept. And the last verdict supporting the women visiting Sabarimala is not at all acceptable as the court failed to take the popular opinion of the devotees and decided on their own.
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    On the face of it, apparently it looks like against the nature and culture. At the same time the human race is evolving and cultural changes have to take place albeit gradually. It has happened in past and it is going to happen in future.

    If we go through our history there have been phenomenal changes in the ways people are observing religion and old customs. Old is giving way to the new whether it is due to regulatory forces or social changes. Scientific advancements and modernisation have already brought paradigm shift in the ways people have started thinking and have become progressive. Now there is no question of looking back.

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    To go against our basic nature, culture and faith is the essential feature of Indian liberalism. So, aam-aadmi must discard this liberalism. The liberals must be socially ostracised.
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    First one is not against nature at all. To be honest, all "intelligent" animals display the habits of homosexuality. Dolphins, dogs, chimpanzees etc for example engage in frequent homosexual activities. I sympathise with same sex relationships because I feel love knows no boundaries. Gay people have been wronged a lot. I think it's time they breathed free.

    Yes. The verdict about adultery is definitely a hasty decision and I feel was not so well thought after. I don't even know what to say.
    This is not only against the culture but the order. Our society will so easily crumble with this sort of adulterous behavior patronized.

    The third one is a highly varied opinion. I don't believe in God but see how others do, I feel this judgement too was hasty.
    Now women would come out and scream at me saying,"Why aren't we allowed to pray? "
    For those believing women I have one thing to say- if you believe in a god and his rules, don't try to break them. There are really good reasons for why women should not be allowed into Sabarimala. Devotees are supposed to be "pure" for 40 days. Now I have no problem at all with menstruating women entering temple, but can women embark on the strenuous ascent to the hill? Can they withstand the yearly stampede? First and foremost, can they stay 40 days wearing only 3 black clothes?

    It's not against faith. Its against anatomy. Ayyappa is a brahmachari God. Women are not supposed to come near him. Thats what scriptures say. I think thats the way things should be.

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    Aditya Mohan,
    Should human being behave like animal being. While God has provided the animals with five senses, human beings are provided with the sixth sense which is the understanding and living. @ Let us not be animals.

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    This post is touching three different rulings by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Marriages between the same sex persons seem to be unnatural. But if we watch the society closely there many people around us who are interested in sex between persons of the same sex. They continue as unmarried in the eyes of the society and the society do not find anything wrong in their staying together. The majority of the society do not find anything wrong in their living under the same roof. Generally several bachelors live under the same roof, mainly those working away from their houses. Such joint living, sometimes, lead to such relationships. However that do not invite a legalisation of such un natural relationships.
    The entry of women to the Sabarimala was restricted earlier to those who are between the age groups 10 to 55. Clearly it is related to the natural course - menopause - of women. In the Indian culture earlier ladies did not go to temples and worship. They keep away four days from the premises of temples. Actually they did not even used to do the routine things at home. No bathing, do not enter kitchens or help cooking and sleep in a separate room. A sort of untouchablity was followed. This was ifollowed in my house when my mother was young. However, after my marriage, cooking and all other works were done by my wife herself, since we were living separately in a town. Significance of that four days slowly vanished. Now no separation is there in the moving of women during those four days.
    Further the women go for worship only they have faith, others will not visit temples, unless there is a festival. And those who have faith will avoid visiting temples during those four days, that is what I feel.


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    Sun. Animals aren't blessed with five senses.
    Snakes for example have almost 7 senses.
    Sight, smell, taste, feel, vibration sensing, temperature sensing and chemical sensing.
    They compensate their lack of good hearing with other senses. Many animals have almost 7 senses. It's no big deal. Our sixth sense isn't even a sense to be honest. It's an attitude more honestly. Our approach towards things to be precise. We are no different from animals. Fundamentally and functionally, we were never different from them. Homosexuality is neither a Sin nor an illegal act. It's just a preference. Some men like men better. Some women prefer women to men.
    How is preference animalistic? Homosexuality, must be accepted.

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    What Mr. Sankaran has said is very rational and natural. But why do the liberals always try to interfere with the Hindu faith? Why don't they go to explore the practices of other religions? Why does the Court even allow these cases?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    As long as we have our own standards and we maintain them in their true spirits we need not worry about the verdicts mentioned above. I agree with the author that the three judgements mentioned above are against nature. culture and faith. A person who is very faithful to his beliefs he may not get disturbed by the court proceedings. The court is telling that doing those acts are correct as per law. But they are not asking everybody to do that. But it will be an encouragement for the people who always talk against the nature, culture and faith of majority people.
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    While I would like to take a neutral stand in the first case, I don't support the decision in the second case and as for the third case, I am of the opinion that the Hon'ble Court should have exercised more restraint and should have taken into consideration the scriptures and the belief of the devotees before passing such an order. I do not want to discuss the probable political angle in these judgments that have been announced almost in a haste by different benches headed by Justice Dipak Misra, who has since retired.

    Apart from that, I don't understand why we need to bring in religion in this discussion when only the third case is related to it. After all, the decisions have been pronounced by the highest court in India and there are options still left to all affected citizens to seek redressal in case they are aggrieved.

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