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    Object to violence and embrace truth to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bapu

    Do you remember the bald old man who used to wear specs and wander shirtless? I heard that he had such immense power that he saved us from the bitterness of violence which the country had to bear otherwise. He through the route of non-violence made India a free country. He is no other than the father of our nation whom we call Bapu and goes by the name of Mahatma Gandhi. He played a pivotal role. The credit for our independence from the British rule goes to the effort that this lanky man had put in.

    What a power as well as what a glory he had? Very few on this earth could walk so boldly and influence and impact thousands. Maybe this is why we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti which is the birth anniversary of this great hero. He revolted with a massive force. Though the spark of revolution could be seen in 1857, again it was just a spark. Gandhiji was the man of principles. The two most important ones were non-violence and truth. His life revolved around these two principles.

    I wonder why do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti? Is it just a public holiday or another day of national celebration? Why do we celebrate the birth of Bapu when we have truly removed those two principles from our lives? There is violence everywhere. Even within, we develop many violent thoughts. Truth is a value that has eloped from the earth. The value system has changed. The change is a drastic one. Why celebrate Gandhi Jayanti when we have no respect for the old man's values and principles.

    In schools, colleges, offices in government and private sectors Gandhi Jayanti gets celebrated. Prayers and songs are recited. Cultural programmes take place. There are offerings of flowers and garlands. Throughout the day speeches are delivered. It is high time now to understand that Bapu does not demand all these from us. He does not want us to remember him. He wants us to adopt his two valuable principles in our lives. On this year's Gandhi Jayanti let us inculcate non-violence and truth in our lives and bring back RamRajya.
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    Nice thoughts from the author as the Gandhi Jayanthi is round the corner and one more holiday on cards for the citizens and for politicians it is one day for affirming faith in Gandhian ideals. But fortunately the Modi Government is taking one great vision of Mahatma Gandhi every year and that is Swachh Bharath Abhiyan which envisages clean environment and clean surroundings in our areas. There was great awareness created by our PM Modi on this plank and even this year too great participation from Icons on that day would be initiated. But as said by the author we should embrace truth and leave the violent attitude.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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