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    Another calamity which killed lots of people.

    I just opened the news site and came to know that nearly 400 people got killed in Indonesia today as tsunami hits an island of Sulawesi and approximately 600 people are injured and many more are missing from their homes.

    As per reports tsunami came because of the earthquake. Hospitals are crowded with the injured and many more are being treated in open. Military has come in to rescue people who are stuck. Seems earthquakes are very common in Indonesia as in past also many people have lost their lives due to it.

    I am surprised why it was not known to the forecasters so that alert could have been raised and people might have got time to evacuate the place. Had it been done many of the lives might have been saved.

    After being so much hi-tech these days we can't do anything for such natural disasters. What do you say?
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    No one can change the fate written on our pate. If the destiny of the person is to die or get injured, no one, even God cannot do anything. Natures fury cannot be controlled by the human being, despite any technological advancement. I am sure, even if it was forecast or telecast earlier, there would be people to watch the fun during Tsunami attack.

    @ Nature can never be defeated.

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    Sun, absolutely we cannot defeat destiny. Whatever written in the fate we cannot change it. But what I feel at least some of the lives could have been saved if there was an alert to evacuate the pla e.

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    Since Indonesia is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is prone to earthquakes. During the period July-August, there were many casualties because of another earthquake that rocked the Indonesian tourist island Lombok.

    According to reports a powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit central Sulawesi on Friday and after a second aftershock of greater intensity the authorities issued the Tsunami warning. Despite the warning, the higher casualty took place maybe because many people were preparing for the beach festival at the city of Palu.

    It's really a concern that so many lives were lost within a span of just few months. The pattern of weather is changing all over the world and sometimes unpredictable disasters are taking place despite precautions. Maybe more research is required on areas prone to earthquake to devise a more suitable management plan.


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    Yes Sankalan more research is required in this regard as every year lots of people die due to these natural disasters. I remember one such disaster occurred in Kedarnath which resulted in loss of thousands of life. I am surprised why any technology is not developed which may alarm us regarding earthquakes.

    Yes Indonesia is prone to earthquakes as its an island but still there should be some techniques adopted which may not cause that much destruction which is caused recently.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    It is really unfortunate and sad that innocent people are getting killed through the fury of the nature and this time over 400 people killed and many reported missing in the dreaded Tsunami that struck Indonesia. Those countries which are near to sea and abetting to sea are always vulnerable to the vagaries of nature and the people must be double sure and alert every time about possible natural fury. But in spite of having weather warning system in US and also in India, why this Tsunami was not predicted before hand so that people could have been prevented from visiting the shores.
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    I understand a warning has been issued but what I feel is the government also has not taken the warning seriously and not arranged for the evacuation of the disaster-prone area. That is why so many lives were gone. There is a lot of improvement in weather forecasting these days because of the data coming out from the satellites and warnings are being issued well in advance also. But unfortunately, many people don't take those warnings seriously. The government can't stop the tsunami or earthquake. But they should take actions to minimise the human loss. It appears these actions were not taken by the government there in the right spirit.
    Finally, for anything, the answer is destiny. The destiny can't be changed by anybody. But thinking like that we can't go and jump into the deep sea. We should always protect ourselves and we should try to protect others.
    The onsite and offsite emergency plans should be in place and they should be implemented whenever required so that greater losses can be contained.

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