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    Why we many times fail to unite for common problems?

    Many times it is seen that people fail to unite and fight as a group for the common issues faced by them. Be it problems and injustice related to their child's school, local administration, apartment community or anything else normally it will be the only bunch of people who will take out time to raise their voice with the authorities. While the majority of them will just complain and cry about the issue among themselves and in WhatsApp and Facebook. But when it comes to gathering and taking out time to discuss the issues face to face with the party these people will take a backseat giving petty reasons like "I have office", "I have some weekend plans" or "I have some personal commitments".

    It is very sad when people though they are troubled by these problems and injustice are not willing to take out time to raise their concern in open form as they are too busy in their own lives and they do not have time for all these things. They adopt "Chalta hai" and "Let it go" attitude and prefer to get exploited.

    Unity is always a great strength and if the majority of people gather to protest against the common problems then definitely it creates pressure on the other party and resolutions can be achieved. Generally one or two or a bunch of people speaking won't work but going as a group does make a difference.

    So why not change this mindset and take out some time to protest for common issues?
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    Yes it happens with most of us. We may be facing the problem but we don't stand with a person who stands against the problem.

    Recent one was when my wife asked the mothers of school kids of my kids to go to school to oppose the high rates of books they compel us to buy in every new session of the school. Every one said that they are with us but when my wife asked to accompany her no one came up. And the result is we still buy books in high rates and abuse school authorities but dont raise our voice together.


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    Good thread initiated by the author. Yes it is the fact that most of us are not interested to present and show the unity of strength on common issue. The main cause being, people are ready to spare money and not their valuable time. That is why the elders feel negated and neglected these days as the children are ready to put them in old age homes by spending huge money, but the children are not able to give time to the elders. When a common cause is initiated and fought, it must show the strength, other wise the agitation would fizzle out. In this regard I must mention the conviction and pursue attitude of KCR who was architect and great motivator for the cause of achieving Telangana as separate state, So the stronger the commitment and the strength with able followers, any movement would succeed with success. Today the KCR movement is talked as best example to achieve the rarest of the rare.
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    A nice thread by the author. It is true that many times we do not feel to join hands for common issues.

    One of the reasons could be - what I will get out of it - attitude. Another could be leadership issue. People take interest in those calls where they expect positions in the top few. That gives them to show their capability to manage such group actions. They do not want to simply follow the other influential people.

    There could be many other reasons also which contribute to such lethargies.

    If we do not consider such selfish motives and simply examine a matter in its merit and join it then only real participation will be there and that is what is needed today for collective efforts.

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    This is mainly due to the selfish attitude of the individuals. If we go and raise the voice against anyone for his actions definitely he will try to see some point or other which will strengthen his actions and he may not oblige us. Even though the problem is common to many, nobody wants to go together. They will approach the concerned separately and try to get their problem solved. Once our problem is sorted out we don't bother about the other people. Instead of that if all the sufferers go united and fight against the concerned it may be useful to all.
    We try to point out the mistakes of others and try to tell as many as possible. But if the same person is doing a favour to you all his mistakes will become null and void. We will give him a clean chit. This has become very common these days and as long as this selfish motto is there, the system will continue like that only.

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    Good thread. It is a needy one in the present days. The main reason for this is selfishness. Everybody wants to get their own work done without any hindrance.When we travel in bus we expect the bus should go fast and got sullen ourselves when it stops in another bus stop. When we see some persons falling on the road, we just expedite from that scene itself with a fear not getting ourselves in the situation. When we found the school boys loading themselves in the foot board of a city bus and to avoid their felling down the conductor/driver gives voice to come inside. No passengers heed this as if it is meant for them. If they raised their voice also collectively to letting them come inside, the delay could be avoided if any mishap happened. The boys will also get fear.
    If we one put the paper like bus ticket or chocolate paper /water bottle,etc., into the dustbin the collective leads to swachh bharat lest if we act 'what is for me' it leads to our disaster to our country only.

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