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    From brother to uncle and from sister to aunty

    For every men and women when they are growing older a stage comes in their life when people who used to address them earlier as "bhaiya" or brother and "didi" or sister now start addressing them as "uncle" and "aunty". This change in the way younger people address them brings out the bitter reality that they are growing old and no more young brigades. Many men and women hate being called as uncle or aunty by people younger than them as its obvious that everyone wants to stay young and look young. But this is the reality of life and we should accept it. We have to grow up into uncles and aunties from brothers and sisters and though initially, we may feel odd but then we should get adjusted to this.

    So how you initially felt during this transition phase when with increasing age people younger than you started calling you uncle or aunty? Did you feel awkward and reacted or you took it easy?
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    At first I felt awkward but then I realised that I am at a age that I may be called as "uncle". And the most embarrassing moment was when a kid addressed my wife as "did" and same kid called me "uncle". That time I realised that I should do something to look younger so that I may not encounter such moment in life.

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    As we touch the age of 40 and above, people who are young to us feel that we have grown elder and hence put the tag as uncle and aunty. Initially I was chiding the children calling me uncle, then one day I pondered over as to why the sudden change has taken place. Then I realized that the looks matter. If one gets the grey hair, they tend to be called and presumed as elder. Even today my wife refuses to be called herself aunty when she is getting old. In fact we should feel happy that we have traveled a long way from child, adolescent, youth and now progressing towards senior citizen position. Nothing wrong to worry.
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    I don't think someone who has been addressing you as bhaiyya or didi would start calling you uncle or auntie as you grow old. They will continue to address you in the same way because they too grow up with you. Yes, those who are younger to them, say those who are from the next generation, might call you uncle or auntie due to the age difference.

    I don't enjoy (nor do I react) it when someone who should address me as bhaiyya calls me uncle and neither do I enjoy when someone who should be calling me uncle addresses me as bhaiyya. People who are not well-known to you often judge you by your appearance, dressing, and attitude before deciding how to address you and so just be happy if you are looking young and also be happy if you look more than your age because there is very little we can do about it; artificial means, I believe, have its limitations. I think it would not be wrong to correct someone who is close to you if he addresses you wrongly.

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    The same people who are calling us brother will not call us uncle after some time. As we grow older they will also grow older. But their children will call us uncle. Their grandchildren will call us grandfather. This is natural. There is nothing special to feel bad or awkward.
    I had a colleague in my office who was older than me. We all used to address each other by our names only. But his wife used to call me uncle and my wife aunty. We used to feel bad. Then we started calling her as aunty. She understood our feeling. Then she stopped calling us, uncle and aunty. Like this, if someone who is elder to us calls us uncle we may not like it. But young people calling us uncle is of no problem as far as I am concerned.
    Recently I have become grandfather also. So some kids calling me as grandfather will also be received well.

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