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    Behavorial science to tackle the government schemes.

    According to the latest studies it is found that despite having the good intention of the government behind a particular scheme, it is difficult to uncover its full efficiency due to the behavioral aspects of the masses. These aspects are governed by their societal norms and their psychological advancements emerged due to their environment. For example, the girls, even though participation in education has increased, are still married young. So many girls related schemes are yet to find their true disposal. Likewise in many contexts caste factors, status quo and other related factors tend to affect the proper application of scheme. So with the changing scenario not only the proper elemental contents are being analyzed but the behavioral science is also sought to be studied by many institutions to analyze the area for proper application of schemes. Do comment your insight.
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    In a state , there are different people and the schemes may not be directed to one sect and it is open to all. So obviously the overwhelming performance or the beneficiaries may not be visible or forthcoming. Some schemes are socio economic upliftment schemes which needs to be directed to a particular community for their benefits. Here too middle men meddle with the scheme and the actual beneficiaries are side tracked. Over and above many government schemes are not at all made known and there by through ignorance of such schemes people fail to avail the same in time.
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    The idea to make use of behavioral science methods to improve implementation of government schemes supposedly is a brainchild of Barack Obama, the ex-President of the USA and his team. Though the idea has been widely accepted and many nations across the world have shown their interest in sharing the idea, I am not sure whether it would bring in good results if implemented as such in India. I say so because unlike most of the other nations, the structure of our population, socially, politically, geographically, financially and culturally among many other things, is varied and diverse. What may be acceptable to a group from the South may not be acceptable to a group from the West or the North-East. Similarly, a scheme that may elicit a positive response from a section may not elicit the same response from another. It is in this context in which I am placing my doubt. Maybe, our government can plan a different strategy, keeping the behavioral science method as a base.
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    If the schemes are good and useful to all the sections of the people, I think all people will accept them. But in our country, many schemes that are being announced are mainly intended for political gains of the party in the ruling. Automatically the other parties will oppose that and try to find out some or other loophole in the scheme. Majority of the public will have some affiliation to one or the other party and they will act as per the policy of their party. That is why these schemes will not go well in the public as it is not viewed only on its advantages and disadvantages. I don't know whether this behavioural science training may bring in any change or not.
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    Behavioral science plays an important role in different researches that require the continuous study of human behavior on a particular issue. In a huge country like India where there are so many caste, creed and religion with varying social practices and beliefs, applying behavioral science to announce developmental schemes may not be a viable option.

    Development is for the upliftment of people from their present condition where studying the behavior plays a very important role to know the different aspects of that particular behavior. There may be many behaviors practiced by different sections of society that may sound unnatural and illogical to the rest. Maybe those behaviors are superstitious in nature that's why they sound unnatural and for those sections mass awareness is required to change the pattern of that behavior. But just by announcing some schemes by adhering to those unnatural behavior is like promoting a practice that has no scientific basis. By studying the behavior of different sectors, mass awareness and education need to be promoted for successful implementation of all the developmental projects.


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    Study of behaviour of masses may help in mitigating the schemes to their real beneficiaries but the problem in our country is not so straight.

    Here we are struggling for a good governance to implement the various beneficial schemes properly.

    What is announced by the Govt and what is actually implemented at grass root level are entirely two different things and that is the prime reason why the schemes are not benefitting the intended persons.

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