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    Civility behavior forgotten and anger overtakes politeness

    In the last 20 days the Hyderabad has witnessed three murders in a broad day light much to the annoyed observance of on lookers and yet no one could stop the murders with the fear that they too be attacked. The reason may be personal and concerned to their family internal matter but when things happen in front of the general public, people gets perturbed and even think of worst law and order situation in the Metro city like Hyderabad. What I feel that civility in the public is lost and they vent their anger in most crude and rude way , where in others who are habituated to politeness has no answer. Where are we going ?

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    Yes same is the case with the capital city Delhi. People don't care for others. I remember once my father was coming back from his office on a scooter and on a flyover few boys made him to stop and asked him to handover his wallet and a gold ring on the road itself. He was warned not to speak a word by showing a knife. It was a night and people were passing by him but no one stopped and bothered to look what was happening. Its strange how people can loot people on the road. People are fearless, they don't fear of what will happen if they will be caught.

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    Human values and Ethics are going down. Money and power are occupying an undue important place in our lives. Nobody bothers about the neighbours. There are many reasons for this. If somebody comes and tries to insult your neighbour you can interfere and stop it. But the neighbour may not like it. He may say it is our internal matter, why are you interfering? This will definitely annoy us.
    The people are losing their natural human behaviour. Even for small issues also the actions are very big. A daughter married a boy whom the father doesn't like. The father in law killed the son in law. Husband killing wife and wife killing husband because of extramarital affairs. Like this, we are hearing many disturbing incidents which will say that people are forgetting civility.

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    The incident as narrated by the author is not applicable to a particular city but it is spreading just like the infectious disease and it's ugly face is surfacing every where - be it a city or a village. Such deteriorating conditions reflect the behaviour of the people having less patience and the greediness to collect money in any source even though the the rout is illegal is seen.
    The people have lost the moral and ethical values once taught in schools.
    The attitude of gaining money in a short cut way is the root cause of surge of crimes.

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    The author has described a particular situation that is visible in almost every parts of the country. People became insensitive to these issues and least bother to interfere unless it is creating inconvenience in their own lives.

    There may be various reasons behind this insensitive behaviour and one of them maybe the fear of unnecessary harassment by law enforcing authorities. When two persons are engaged in serious arguments, intervention of a third person may help to control the situation but if that argument turns into violence then the person who came to control the situation may find himself in police net because of his involvement to control the situation. This unnecessary fear of harassment stops many people from interfering into other's affairs and the continuous avoidance ultimately became a habit.

    Another reason maybe the use of arms by criminals who indulge in unlawful activities. People do not move ahead to help others fearing their own safety. But the main problem is the lack of unity among people in a locality. If all local people in that area come out unitedly then the criminal or a troublemaker will surely find it difficult to carry on his illegal activity.


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