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    There can be reserved seats in local train for senior citizens.

    We know that B.E.S.T buses have reserved seats for senior citizens. It really helps senior citizens in getting seat without depending on the young peoplem Now - a - days, I notice very less people helping senior citizens in getting place to sit. In trains , we may notice less number of senior citizens but I think there should be some reserved seats for them in local trains too.
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    Like in BEST bus services, even the Telangana government respects the elders and two seats were reserved for them at the entrance near the driver seat itself. Though it is amid ladies seat, the elders are obliged to sit without any problem. In trains normally more seats are available to all and most of the short distance traveling passengers and youth prefer standing and chatting with friends or busy with their cell phones. So elders are normally given seat by the other passengers and invariably I have seen elders also want to stand because they want to get down immediately else the train will move and hence they prefer standing.
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    It is the courtesy to offer seats to the senior citizens or physically challenged people or ladies carrying children with them in buses or trains. Reserving some seats may not solve the purpose. Even after reserving some seats, some old people may have to stand if the reserved seats are filled. So the other people should understand the problem of these old people and offer them seats. In local trains also it is good if some seats are reserved for old people. But the distances will be short and more people will be getting in and getting out. As such these people going inside and sitting in the seats and coming out to get down will be difficult for them. Another problem is these local trains will be very crowded and all the people will stand near the entrances and they will not go inside. That will be a problem for the old people to go inside and come out to get down. The passengers should understand the problems that are faced by the senior people and help them in getting in and out. Simply keeping some reserved seats is not going to solve the problem. A good cooperation from the fellow passengers is more important.
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    I don't recommend reservation of seats in local train coaches. But I strongly recommend a separate coach marked for senior citizens in each and every local train, as is done for the ladies. The railway staff, preferably from the RPF should ensure that only senior citizens travel in those compartments.
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