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    Do you follow the trend of wearing clothes of different colors of Navratri when it arrives ?

    'Navaratri', the festival of Durga Mata or the Divine power is arriving Devotees clean their houses before the festival to welcome the Goddess From the start of the festival, for nine days,different avatars of the Goddess are remembered and worshipped.Everyone today know that people wear particular color costume in Navratri days. In offices we see most of the employees wearing similar color on these days. I feel this trend has become a special feature of Navaratri festival.
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    When ever festivities comes it is the happy time for the ladies as they can dress up much to satisfaction of themselves and appreciation of others. Either too the girls were interested to participate in the Dandiya and hence concentrated on that particular dress during Dassera. But most of the Goddess temples celebrate these nine days with different alankarams or get ups like Mashishasura Maridini, Lakshshmi, Durga, Saraswathi, and so on based on the local believes . But for the first time I am coming across the fact that even office goers are adorning traditional dress befitting to the day of Navaratri.
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    The ladies might be following the trend of wearing different colour dresses on each day to show off their textile stocks. I don't think any men will follow the trend of wearing different colour dresses during Navrathri festival days.
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    Colours make a festival or function delightful. They are the main attraction for our eyes.

    Now a days those who can afford variety of dresses are giving considerations to colours also. For example in the upper class kitty parties everyone is told to wear the dress corresponding to the theme of that day and accordingly ladies will come prepared like that. They will even buy a dress at short notice if they do not have that colour.

    Wearing different colours in festival times especially Navaratri time is also an offshoot of that affluence and colour conciousness.

    Anyway why not to follow the colour scheme if it makes the gathering attractive and fun filled.

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    In our house, we conduct special Puja to Goddess during those nine days. One day out of this nine days, we will visit Kanakadurga temple at Vijayawada and perform pooja there on the hill. If we are not able to perform for 9 days due to any reason, we will perform puja on the last three days. Children in our house will be used to wear new clothes on Vijayadasami day. The other 8 days normal clothes only they wear. Other persons may or may not have new clothes for this festival. The important issue during these 9 days is to have some specials made in the house are offered to Goddess and none of us will eat outside food during these 9 days.
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