October 2018 Schedule of Quick Contests

For those who love quick quizzes and puzzles, this alert notification is just for you! Check this thread daily. All those contests which are time-bound, with entries to be submitted within 24 hours or less, will be announced here two or three days in advance. This thread will remain locked since no responses are required. Only updates of the date and time of the quick contests will be put here in this text itself, with a link to the contest thread itself then being put in as soon as it is announced.

First up is an Owl quiz challenge. Sounds intriguing? Get wise...and keep your eyes glued to this thread to know the date and approximate time of the quiz announcement.

1. Owl Quiz Challenge: 6th October 2018, between 11a.m.-11.30a.m.
- Update put here on 5th October: there is a postponement in the time; the Quiz will be announced on 6th in the evening, 8p.m.-8.30p.m.
- The quiz has been announced at 20:13hrs.: OWL Quiz Challenge - solve, win!

2. Bell puzzle: 25th October 2018, between 11a.m. to 12noon.
- The puzzle has been announced at 11:41a.m.: Where do the bells tinkle, chime, toll...fastest fingers first to ring them, earn more!.