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    Pakistan's dirty, old game continues

    On 25th July, 2018, I raised the following thread:-

    Why are some Indians so worried about election in Pakistan?

    In that thread, I clearly stated that India must not expect anything positive from any political party of Pakistan. But many Indians have been very elated after the victory of Imran Khan's party (Tehreek-e-Insaaf ) in the election of that country. But the day before yesterday, it has been proved that nothing has changed.

    In the UNGA, Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi blamed New Delhi for 2014 Peshawar school attack. He said in his despicable speech: "Pakistan continues to face terrorism financed and orchestrated by India. It shall never forget the mass murder of more than 150 children in a Peshawar school, the terrible Mastung attack and others that have links with terrorists supported by India."

    India reacted strongly and Indian representative Ms. Eenam Gambhir replied: "Schools all over India had observed two minutes of silence in their memory. The despicable insinuation made by the foreign minister of Pakistan dishonours the memory of the innocent lives lost to terrorists that day." She further stated that both Houses of India's Parliament had expressed solidarity while paying respects to those killed.

    But the issue is: When would the Indian peaceniks understand that no matter who heads the Pakistani government, the dirty game of the rapidly disintegrating country would continue.
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    It will continue whoever becomes the PM of Pakistan. He is blaming India to gain attention of other countries but they don't know that its been proved many times that Pakistan is mother of terrorism.

    Even small kids play with the gun there and bomb blasts are very common there.

    Blaming game has never stopped between the two countries but the truth is Pakistan never shows the evidences whereas India have evidences that Pakistan is the cause of terrorism in India.


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    Irrespective of repeated assurance of present prime minister Imran Khan that there will be a friendly ties between the two countries once he assumes the office of PM of Pakistan. He even reiterated that his fascination with India will remain within his heart and a firm bondage will be established so as to restore peace in the two regions.
    However, with the assumption of his power, he adopted a different stance so as to satisfy his military regimen and by doing so his political career will be widened. It is unlikely that the relationship will improve with the Pakistan in the time ahead because the leaders will take such actions which will favour their political- career. There is a least concern for the welfare of India.

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    Mr. Jha: Contrary to your comment, Imran Khan in his election speeches always talked to teach India a befitting lesson.
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    It is really shame on the part of Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi who blamed New Delhi for 2014 Peshawar school attack. Probably peeved over stunning speech by our External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj over the free hand of Pakistan government in supporting terror and allowing free roaming of terror fugitives in their soil, Pakistan stooped to the level of making baseless statements. By the way why should India ever sponsor a proxy terror attack on school children when we proved the world that we are capable of uprooting their Military might which was evident during the surgical strikes. One thing is sure the new Prime Minister Imran Khan is not at all showing forward move to have peace with India. The way the tension between the countries are escalating in the recent past is the indication towards a war and not peace.
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    Pakistan blames India and India blames Pakistan. This blame game is going on since a long time. There should be an end to this either by talks or if necessary by force.
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    Is there any scope for talks if this is the attitude of Pakistani decision-makers? Should we get influenced by those peaceniks who have evidently fallen in the trap of Pakistani propaganda machinery?
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    The peace-loving people will never fall for any propaganda of Pakistan or the warmongering people in our country. They know what misery it will bring to the people of both the countries if they go on engaging in violent acts across the borders. Sane people think from a broader perspective than the insane.
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    Many great developments have been the results of streaks of insanity. And peace can sometime be peace in a graveyard.
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    We think at least this time pakistan not do anything bad on the boarder. Because Imran khan is cricketer and they played lot's of matches with India so he will develop good relationship with us. That's why all are worried about pakistan politics.

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    A quarrelsome neighbour is a problem for lifetime. Somehow Pakistan has become such a neighbouring country for us. We never hear anything cordial from their side. They are not happy with the increasing progress and prosperity of India.

    The recent global recognition of our country in various arenas is also adding fuel to fire.

    It is unfortunate that we have got such a neighbour who is determined to pick quarrel with us on one pretext or other.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The attitude of Pakistan is not in question. Why do the peaceniks of India always say that the attitude of Pakistan would change? Why don't they see the ground reality? Pakistan's existence would be in grave danger if the leaders and generals go for friendship with India.
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    An enemy in the neighbourhood is always problematic only. India has to spend so many lakhs of crores of money for defence is mainly due to neighbours only.
    I remember during the peacemaking talks between India and Pakistan during Atal Bihari Vajpayee's tenure in Agra, it was told by Pakistan that sound will come only when two hands join together and immediately India replied that we are trying to make sounds possible with two fingers of one hand and if Pakistan also start thinking in that line both countries can move forward.
    Whoever may be the chief of Pakistan it makes no difference. Imran Khan will never be an exemption for that. The way in which our Siddhu was treated we all heard. There will not be a change in their mentality and India has done a lot to change them but in vain.

    always confident

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    Often I tend to feel difficult to understand about the mentality of our citizens wherein most of them still favor Pakistan for their political mileage or in other words they tend to follow the inappropriate simply because they want to oppose to certain type of political ideologies. Pl. have a look at the below statements,

    #649511, "Pakistan blames India and India blames Pakistan. This blame game is going on since a long time". Is Indian playing a blame game with Pakistan or the incidences are proven with the facts? Why are we not confident of the stand of the Indian side?

    #649525, "We think at least this time Pakistan not do anything bad on the boarder. Because Imran khan is cricketer and they played lots of matches with India so he will develop good relationship with us". Putting up with our stand is a good thing but if we still haven't got the core of things then this shows our immaturity & we tend to show all the times.

    The bigger issue with us is that we are not united for our actions even considering of our national security. The time, the surgical strikes were carried out, instantly we were busy with our petty politics. Its laughable that every opposition parties including the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal & the Congress chief continuing with the Leftists & Samajwadi party & BSP shown their level cheap level of understanding & respect towards the Indian army & even towards the constitutionally elected Central government of India.

    The Pakistan will never be expected of anything favoring of our country but if we continue to be divided within ourselves then it's for us to investigate ourselves instead of blaming some other nation or country for their misdeeds. The image of Pakistan has more tarnished which is quite evident from the SAARC meeting wherein the Pakistan had been left in the isolation by the other SAARC members & in the latest the USA has stopped its funding to Pakistan for its fight against terror & the credit for this whole goes to the current ruling government.

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    Maybe some people prefer the peace of the graveyard. Otherwise, the attitude of Indian peaceniks can't be explained.
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    Mr Ved Prakash, cross-border operations happen all the time. The Defense Minister herself in a show on India TV said that we too do certain things which cannot be made a show of. On our channels, we see about the violations by Pakistan. The Pakistani channels also may be blaming many things on our army and the country. In the United Nations and many other platforms, this blame game goes on. This blame game is not new and as old as our partition. We have to be in a state of preparedness for any eventuality and continue with talks. That is the best way for both the countries. Some people may not like this sort of thinking. War will bring misery to both the victor and vanquished. It is better for everyone to realise this.
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    #649555, I agree when you say that, "We have to be in a state of preparedness for any eventuality and continue with talks", but how come we & the country called the India is playing the blame game? Don't you feel that when you say that India is also playing with the blame games than you supposedly doubting with the stand of our country with reference to the border & strategically too in political way to the international forum? The whole of the world is on the side with India in some way or the other but few weakens this & the Nasty nation like the Pakistan takes the advantage of this that it doesn't even feel hesitant for interfering with the internal matters. If we are playing with the blame games then simply this can be understood that we are without facts.

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    This thread is going off-track. Why are we discussing the cross-border attack and related activities? We are discussing Pakistan's despicable allegation that India was behind Peshawar school attack and the behaviour/attitude of Indian peaceniks in respect of Pakistan.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    #649566, we are already with the "behavior/attitude of Indian peaceniks in respect of Pakistan" & in context to "Pakistan's despicable allegation that India was behind Peshawar school attack", the Pakistan's stand is baseless as the same is without facts, proofs & evidences & therefore it's good to deviate to more important topics believing that our representative their have delivered it already in a straight & clear way.

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    The Indian Government has already issued a Demarche to the Pakistani Government on this issue. But I personally feel that Demarche or Note Verbale is for civilized nations, not for sub-humans who are bent upon destroying themselves. Pakistani nation-state (althoughI have grave doubt whether it is a nation-state any longer) is going to implode very soon.
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    We can refer this as an strategy to create a common perception among alliance countries wherein we have to deal with the complications in a most diplomatic way because we are still too far from taking decisions alone & even to nuclear owned state like Pakistan.

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    We need to open our eyes and see the bigger picture. Pakistan had opened a peace initiative by opeing the Kartarpur border. They invited us and what did we do? We boycotted them. I think that this was a big mistake by the Foreign office. Peace will never in this region until the Kashmir issue is resolved.

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    Mr. Guilipaaa: Please don't respond to threads which are more than 10 days old. Ready to debate the issue on a new thread.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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