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    October First is observed as World Vegetarian Day.

    This day, October first, is observed as Vegetarian Day throughout the world to promote consumption of vegetarian food.

    In our place vegetables are available in the market. But one has to be very careful while buying them. To increase the shelf life of these items the farmers use different pesticides and fungicides which are harmful to the consumers' health. Even after the issue was brought to the notice of the authorities, there seems to not much impact. So the alternative is to produce vegetables in our own gardens. Most of us are having a nuclear family set up. Hence only a very small quantity of vegetables is needed. Why not we spend some time every day for attending to vegetable cultivation? Even those who are living in flats can grow certain selected vegetable items in wooden pots or grow bags. Every day just spend half an hour or one hour to attend to these works. Minimum water is needed if planted scientifically.

    So let us celebrate this World Vegetarian Day by starting a small vegetable garden.
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    Thanks for the information. I was not aware of World Vegetarian Day. This would raise the awareness level among people about vegetarian foods and benefits of vegetarian foods.
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    Any of the days of the year has been remarkable in a certain ways that we got something unique about each one of those. I thank the author for bringing up with this information to us. Along with this I also would like to thank the author for his beautiful suggestions which if followed will make our life healthier & would also be helpful in increased eco-friendly atmosphere around us. No doubt that if many of us would start cultivating something even in a small portion will be resulting into some big impact in our lives & to the environment as a whole.

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    I am not aware of this world vegetarian day. I am hearing this for the first time. Thanks to the author for sharing the information.
    These days the awareness among the people about the quality of items is increasing. Organic vegetable demand is increasing and many places organic farming is going on which is a good development. In Bangalore, I understand the small portions of land are being let out on monthly rent and farmers are growing organic vegetables in those lands and giving it to the family who hired it. The monthly hire charges are about Rs.2000/- They grow vegetables as per the hirer's requirement and delivery of 50% of the yield to the hirer. It is a good system and good quality vegetables are available. One can visit that land whenever they want and spend some time there. A good concept and if it is coming to other places also we can have a reliable product. It is really good if one can grow the vegetables for their need in their premises itself.

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    I wish all vegetarians across the world a very Healthy Vegetarian Day. Hope the observation of such days giving importance to cultivation and consumption of vegetables will yield the expected results.

    I agree with the author that it is high time we start giving importance to maintaining a kitchen garden or cultivating vegetables in whatever space available so that we get to eat fresh vegetables that do not contain any harmful pesticides or fungicides.

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    A nice piece of information by the author. More and more people are understanding the importance of being vegan and not only due to cultural or religious reasons, many persons are simply adopting it for health point of view.

    The idea of having our own kitchen garden has tremendous merit as it will provide us with organic vegetables in our own backyard. I know some enthusiasts who grow vegetables even in flower pots by putting soil and organic manure in them. They keep them either in balcony or terrace. In the cities everyone does not have a kitchen garden in ones backyard so people staying in flats can definitely go for these novel ways.

    The household garbage especially the waste food items etc can be converted in manure with little efforts even in our own household. This way nothing goes waste and can be converted in valuable items.

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    I may add that the suggestion of converting the kitchen waste into manure has to be taken up at least by those who have the space to implement the scheme. In my house I have set up a biogas plant which help in two ways. The biogas produced is used to light a Stove connected to the plant. This is used for cooking vegetable or boiling water. The slurry coming out from the plant, after diluting with water, is used as nutritious manure for vegetable cultivation. This benefits me in two ways. The use of LPG is getting reduced and the bio- waste is got removed. Also help vegetable cultivation.

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    Glad to know that today has been celebrated as the world vegetarian day. But Google Doodle has not highlighted this big day. May be vegetarians around the world be less. Nevertheless those who are vegetarians always enjoy good life with minimal health setbacks. Vegetarian foods are more tastier and even children would love to eat happily. Vegetarian foods are easily digestible and hence even senior elders are used to have the same without any health set back. Most of the non vegetarians are changing to vegetarian and thereby reducing their food expenses drastically.
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