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    Whose money is this?

    Lots of money is being squandered for advertisements in the name of public relations by different governments (including the center). Should they be allowed to use public money for advertising their schemes and achievements? Is it required if the administration is actually beneficial to the general public? Let us discuss the issue in this thread.

    Recently we have been seeing many full-page advertisements in almost all newspapers of that area by the State governments publicising the developmental schemes and activities undertaken by the particular governments. In Telangana, many times we get to see full-page advertisements with KCR's big photo and writings about the social welfare activities they have undertaken. These advertisements are coming in almost all locally published and national newspapers also. This is being published by the government. A huge amount is being spent on this.

    Why is this required? Why they have to spend so much money? Whose money is this? We are all paying our taxes sincerely and with that money they are advertising for their own political gains. If the governance is good and people are happy, they will see that the same party will come to power again. Otherwise, they should spend money from the party funds for their propaganda. Wasting the money of the public like this is not a good practice and should not be encouraged.

    I would like to know the impartial views of other members on this.
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    A very good thread by the author bringing out the unnecessary wastage of revenue by the Government.

    It is said that deeds will speak by themselves, you need not to advertise them. If there are no potholes on the roads it means that the quality of concreting is very good. We need not to say it in our advertisement.

    People are not blind neither the public is fool so we know what is happening through news and media. The big advertisements and banners are simply redundant and do not serve any purpose.

    It is high time that Govt agencies should refrain from these shabby practices. The public money can be used in so many constructive activities.

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    The author has rightly expressed a serious concern in this thread. We see lots of advertisements not only in local newspapers but also in different public places and thoroughfares in the form of banners. This is practiced in all the states for the past so many years and this is nothing but a publicity stunt.

    It is very true that they are spending huge public money for these advertisements, which could have been used for different welfare schemes. In today's world everybody wants to stay relevant by posting their success stories in different social platforms and politicians are also trying the same thing by displaying these advertisements.

    Nowadays most of the people, whether in urban or in rural area, have access to smartphones and they can see all the developmental schemes and activities in the form of news as published in news medias. So, by publishing these activities again in the form of advertisements is a wastage of taxpayers' money and it is a good suggestion by the author to use party funds for displaying their propaganda.

    However, if those developmental schemes require public action, like registration of one's Aadhaar to get the benefits of the schemes, then it can be advertised through different medias by displaying the necessary required public action in bold fonts without displaying the picture of any political person.


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    This is the pre planned idea of KCR that if we was in power and if so many ads are released in print and electronic media and also out door advertisements. the opposition would raise hue and cry. But now he is the care taker Chief Minister at the behest of the Governor and has some powers to do. Moreover he has given authorization to different departments through which the social schemes and welfare programs were drawn and maintained are giving huge ads , but if it carries the photos of CM and his Ministers, surely it is the gross miss use of public fund and the EC must stop this forth with.
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    No doubt this is public money. But, the question is: Whether spending huge amount on the advertisement is ethical and necessary, or not. It may not be ethical considering the number of poors in India, but, at the same time, it is also necessary to make people aware of the schemes/programmes of the Government. Radio, TV and Newspaper advertisements are easiest and speediest way to reach people.
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    The advertisements are not about educating the people about the various schemes implemented by the Government. It is all about boasting for the schemes supposed to be implemented by them. As rightly pointed out by the author, they are doing their duty with our money. There is nothing to claim credit for implementing. It is not the advertisements but the actions of the Government that should speak for themselves.
    The Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so far spent a large sum Rs 4,343.26 crore only for the advertisements and publicity through different media. This has been revealed under RTI filed by one activist. The petroleum pump dealers are forced to display the photo of Mr Narendra Modi in their outlets by the oil companies. Those who refused seem to be threatened with blocking of supplies. This is how the political parties are misusing the public funds for their own political gain.

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    Why example from a particular political party only? What about Mamata-didi and Kejri-saab? At least, the Central Government advertises what it has done or what it is going to do, but these two great leaders advertise doing absolutely nothing.
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