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    The raging fire - the killer of civility

    There's a fire out there; sweeping through the streets
    It's raging and spreading and it's hard to beat

    Do you see it approach? Do you shout out your reproach?
    Or do you fan it and rake it, to let the ambers glow?
    Don't you feel the surging heat? Does your skin, it not singe?

    There's a fire out there; it's knocking at your door
    Do you clamber and embrace it; let it in?
    Do you feed it, and then bellow it out, for it to grow?

    There's a fire out there; it's polluting the air
    Do you not smell the stench of burning flesh?
    Those cries for help; do they fall on deaf ears?

    There's a fire out there; I am sure you can see
    There's a fire out there; snuffing lives as we speak
    It's not your eyes or your ears; it's your conscious that's dead

    There's a fire out there; I am not blind, I see
    There's the fire, and there's YOU, the real casualty
    And what's that putrid smell, oh, it's YOUR dying morals

    There's a fire out there; that's killed YOUR civility
    It's given birth to the unthinkable and the unacceptable
    The fire, consumed, the human in you

    There's a fire out there; let's stomp it down
    Return to civility - be tolerant, be kind and accepting of others
    Let's destroy the raging fire before it destroys all sense of civility
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    A nice composition by the author. Yes, there are many things happening around us in the negative territories and destroying the courtesy and gentle behaviour everywhere.

    We are heading towards a destructive society where slowly civilization may give way to modern barbarity.

    All the good citizens should try and contribute to arrest this wave which is trying to engulf our conciousness.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The dying morals of the society, people being indifferent to the happenings around them are nicely penned down by the author with pain. So the civility aspect well told.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The anguish felt is very well presented. The intolerance and the lack of civility are visible everywhere. This is a fire which once started will be very difficult to extinguish. The number of people stoking the fire is increasing. They are blinded and unable to understand what they are doing to their own families and the society. They will realize the full impact of it only when it arrives at their doorstep. Hope better sense prevails and the fire is brought under control before it is too late.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The poem was lucid and was brilliantly composed. Well done mate.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Awesome poem made by madam hats off.
    move like air but don't get dust into brain

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    A wonderful way to depict the attitude of people. The fire is raging, who is going to douse it nobody knows. In every line of the poem the concern of the author is felt.

    A very good entry.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes, civility is dead. Why look far, a cursory glance around here will illustrate the seriousness of the issue. Some folks have become so deeply entrenched in the quagmire of uncivility that they do not realise that they are consumed by hate and are being sucked deeper into the morass of destruction. And what an ugly sight they make - neck deep as they are in their self-created muck.
    Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together - Alan Mulally

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