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    How harmful are preservatives?

    Preservatives added to the products that we buy from the market, like for instance, the ready made powders and pickles seem to be very dangerous for health, and even cause cancer, if one has to go by recent reports.

    Yet, we do consume the ready made stuff, as working women do not have the time to prepare everything afresh, as was done a couple of decades ago, when live was as complicated as it is today.

    How harmful are the preservatives? Is it true that they can even cause cancer? We do consume everything, even by default. We cannot always eat home food.

    What is the truth behind preservatives? If they are so harmful, how does one build the immune power to overcome the problems, associated with the preservatives? For example, there is this Amla juice, so often prescribed in Ayurveda and Siddha. Do members know of similar anti-oxidants?
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    Most of the cool drinks and packed drinks are having preservatives , like wise the cake items and chocolate items are also having preservatives. Though we know the harmful effects of having preservatives with the food , we do consume the same unmindful. Sodium Benzoate is the famous preservative which is used to have the long life of the cool drinks so that it wont dilute. Sodium Benzoate is also used for preserving Pickles, sauce and fruit jams from getting stale. Likewise sulphites are also used in food items to retain its flavor and also from decaying. So without preservatives there cannot be long lasting eating product.
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    Preservatives are necessary to preserve the food items for a long time and they are allowed in certain percentages to be added as under the food and beverage regulations.

    Some of these preservatives are harmful and should not be taken regularly. Earlier, we were not using the chemical preservatives as oil and excess salts were doing the trick in preserving the pickles etc but now every one is using the chemical preservatives.

    Though we can not avoid but we must restrict the use of those food items where chemical preservatives are used.

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    The thing about cancer must have been spread because food additives and preservatives contain benezene derievatives. Aromatic carbons like benezene are carcinogens. They cause cancer. So some naturally assume that these additives and preservatives cause cancer but no scientific proof has yet proved such myths. Today most additives come from petroleum derivatives which lack carcinogens. I mean...does Vaseline cause cancer? I hope it doesn't. Many preservatives even today come from natural sources only. Like lac and insects for example. Our meat and wheat flour contains anywhere from 5-15% insect proteins. This makes food more nutritious and sustainable. The dyes as I previously mentioned are more straight chain based than aromatic carbons. Some food dyes come from algae. There is no real threat of cancer yet.
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    Not all preservatives are dangerous. There are many natural preservatives which will enhance the shelf life of the material without any side effects. These preservatives will help the food to be intact without losing its taste, colour or smell. There are some natural materials which will act as preservatives.
    The salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar etc., are the traditional preservatives in food that are also used at home while making pickles, jams and juices etc. There are some other ways also to preserve the food without adding any preservatives. The freezing and boiling are considered to be the natural ways of preserving food.
    Some of the synthetic preservatives will have some side effects which will definitely have a say on our health.

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