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    Surprising that my points are reduced -why

    When I login today, saw that my points were 20056 and when recalculate it comes down as20053. I am surprised to note instead of increasing it get reduced. May I know the reason behind it?
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    Points will be automatically alloted by the system when you post. But when editors review your content, editors may increase the points or might reduce the points based on the quality of the content you have posted. Like that, your points might hav decreased. Hope you understand.

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    When you post your responses in the Ask Expert section, automatically some points will come. But after the concerned Editor checks it and allots the CC the points may increase or decrease.
    If you give a response to the article in the article section immediately after your posting some points will be allotted. Again these answers will be reviewed and CC will be given. Then there is a chance for increase or decrease of the point.
    In Forum section your posts will also be reviewed and points allotted will be changed occasionally based on the quality of the post or response.
    These are the possibilities for the decrease in the points tally. Now you can verify where the points got changed.

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    There are many chances for points reducing. First when you respond to those threads which are likely to be deleted for not conforming to the posting guidelines or ISC rules. Points would be reduced when the posts get review by the editors and they may increase or decrease the points. Normally in article and ask experts section, when we respond in detail, 5 to 6 points are immediately allotted by automatic system. That is before review by the concerned editors. And once the review has been done, the points are likely to be reduced increased and also cash credits given to the best threads.
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    Initial points allotted by the system are generally based on the length of the the response or comment.

    Later when editors check it for quality and contents the points are increased or decreased depending upon the matter. Many times they get decreased.

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    Most probably, the 3 points have been reduced because of reduction of points after approval of AE answer. The points may also get reduced in case of negative points in Forum responses. But in your case, the probability of such happening is very less.
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    I read somewhere in the guidelines that we get points on our posts automatically but actual points we get once our post is checked by the moderators/editors. Sometimes our post get deleted too. May be thats the reason your points might have reduced.

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