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    English is not a disease

    The Vice-President of India is on record as having said that English is a disease. This is a horribly untrue statement.

    All our scientific advancement, all our IITs and the IIMs and the Medical Colleges and the Accountancy professions and all the learning that is now part of higher education in India, was and is still possible only because of the importance given to English.

    In fact, it is only English that has enabled hundreds of thousands to go abroad. The GMAT or the GRE examinations, our honorable VP needs to understand, can and will never be conducted in Hindi or any other Indian language. None can replace English in higher education.

    It is a global language. It is never a disease. Wrong messages should never be given to the people of this country.
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    I would say that English is not a disease, but a medicine to cure Indians suffering from the disease called communication difficulty. It is the easiest medicine that can solve all our problems from North to South and East to West. I don't understand how our VP has misunderstood English as a disease.
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    Honorable Vice president has made a surprising statement again. English, is the most spoken language in India disregarding mother tongues of regions. Hindi comes after English. I wish politicians referred to stats before making such statements. India could be the world's largest English speaking country. Can't brand everyone ill here right ?
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    "English is not a disease its a language" dear VP. He forgets that everything in done in English only everywhere. And with the introduction of computer in almost every department, to learn English has become essential.

    People who don't have good English usually say this. English is a global language and one has to learn it to grow professionally.


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    Such remarks by the VP is unfortunate and I would say all the politicians have this habit of saying whatever is coming to their mind irrespective of its relevance. The VP was addressing a Hindi Divas event and might have thought that since the English is a foreign language it has to be downgraded to promote Hindi. He forgot that English is a global language and the demand for learning English in India is remarkably high even among the disadvantaged sections.

    I have seen a report that says India may be the the second country in the world after USA where so many people speak English. The report says more than 125 million people speak the language in this country. I am sure the VP is not aware of these figures and the ground realities.


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    Probably people are not aware that our Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is a Telugu scholar and can speak the language fluently with rhyming and punching. Having much attachment to the language and people are discarding Telugu and embracing more English probably irked the Vice President. Even in Hindi he could speak up right much to the delight of even Congress leaders. So VP statement should not be interpreted in wrong way. His commitment to the mother tongue stands tall and that cannot anyway undermine the importance of International language of great English.
    K Mohan
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    But this is high time, we should accept that English is our language. We cannot eliminate it from our system as most of the things these days are being done in English. Even in schools kids are encouraged to focus more on English rather than hind or other regional language.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    We could drive away the British from India, but could not drive away English. If it was a disease why should we embrace it and love it?

    Politicians expect to be applauded for each and every sentence they speak. By denouncing English as a disease while delivering a lecture on Hindi Divas day, he wanted to be applauded. They enjoy it. It was not expected from a great leader like Mr. Naidu.

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    English might have been a disease when Britishers were forcing it in their colonies in Asia and far East but today the whole perspective has changed.

    Today it has emerged as a prominent global language and people who want to go out or have business or service interactions abroad cannot manage without it.

    Now it is not the language of England. It is the language of planet Earth. How can we ignore it?

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    Actually there is a need to connect people from all over the world which English language has done. In most of the countries English is spoken and one can communicate with the people of any country. Had English not been there it would have been very difficult to people to communicate with others. So its good to learn English. I don't like what our VP said, he should think before speaking. Also in few of our places like Goa English is their main language. How can we eliminate English from our system.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    English is definitely not a disease. It is a universal language. No second opinion about it. But people speaking English should never forget their mother tongue. I agree that all of us should learn English but we need not converse in English with our parents and family members. We can converse in our mother tongue. As mentioned by Mohan our Vice President is a Scholar in Telugu, Hindi and English also. When he comes to Hyderabad or the native place he always talks in Telugu only. In other states, he may talk in Hindi and in other countries he talks in English. He is a good Orator and never uses bad words and a very well balanced man. I am confused how he made such a statement.
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