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    "Civility" is almost dead these days.

    Things have changed now a days so is the behaviour of the people,those days have gone when people used to think before speaking, give respect to other's opinions, not used to think of individual profit.

    Now most of the us don't like to listen to others if we don't found it useful for us , insults others, critisize them for not saying what we like by using sarcastic or agressive remarks. Now a days people even don't accept other's point good or bad.

    Why we have lost Civility?

    Can't we create a place where we respect each other?

    That is possible only when we realise that we were disrespectful, unless we realise it we can't improve ourself.

    What's your opinion on this?
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    What I feel that the present generation is highly educated and they want to raise and live on their own and in that process wont care to take the elders advise or opinion and this is main case for the people having different opinion about others and the politeness , respect and behavior totally lost. And giving lesson to be polite, gentle and set a good behavior example begins at the tiny age to which the parents are alone responsible, especially the mother. Otherwise the child would be grown up as rude, not caring and above all with dominating attitude which is against the concept of civility.
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    Yes thats true that the younger generation is highly confident as they are educated and they don't require other's support at all in their lives. Even they don't like their parents to interfere in their life. I know many couples who have left their parents and living alone and even don't care for them as they think that if they go to them regularly they may come to them and become burden for them.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    With modernisation the life is becoming more and more mechanical. People have forgotten the basic courtesy and respectful ways of life.

    The new generation is also going in the same wave of rage and agitated moods as we are having.

    Society is going in a predictable fearful state and there is not any hope in civility returning to its earlier status in the society.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes Neeru. It seems there is no hope that civility may return in the people. I am surprised that with the education people should understand the ethics and respect others but it looks as if with literacy rate going up we are forgetting the basic etiquattes.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The human element in human beings is slowly disappearing. The interactions with fellow human beings are becoming less. Everything is mechanical. We talk over WhatsApp and we see in video calls only. All other interactions are through the internet or social media. There is no necessity that you have to go and meet someone. Everything you can complete from your laptop. Because of this technological interface, respect for other fellow people is coming down. So Civility is almost disappearing. Using strong words and devaluating others is never thought as a wrong issue. Only we appreciate people who accept us and our feelings. In the same way, if anybody tries to point out the mistakes we never like it.
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    Yes, we have to find that place where there will be respect, civility and harmony. All the advancement in technology have taken us to a place where we are feeling lonely. We are feeling suffocated as no one is willing to listen to the other. Everybody is busy telling their own stories and trying to show their superiority by demeaning others. Let's begin the practice of showing respect to others from the boundaries of our home.

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