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    Civility which lacks in present youngsters and children but need to improve

    Civility in youngsters of present era is very much lack. They are simply thinking about themselves only but they forget that they might be reaching the level of elderly person soon. Giving respect to seniors is a part and parcel of Civility. The activity of giving respect to elders may be a small thing but the basic thing for the total civility. Once I was traveling in a city bus and on producing the token (given for elders by Government of Tamilnadu in Chennai city)the conductor carelessly asked me to go inside by giving handing over the ticket. An elderly lady who sat in the seat offered her seat to me and told the conductor to give respect to the age as he would be reaching the retirement in one or two years
    In olden days the sons and daughters used to bow the parents daily morning as soon as they got up and brushed the teeth.This was done by all children irrespective of age. My elder cousin brother in his age of 60 did this to his father and mother till their depart. Present children shed themselves inside whenever they see elders came to their house either by shyness or thinking themselves that the elderly persons would bore them. Moreover the youngsters do not like advise from others.
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    Nice observation from the author. Civility does not need a age to understand. It must start with right earnest at the young age itself. Being polite , cordial and giving respect to the elders are the home tuition which must be taught by the mother at the young age itself. Though the present generation youth are not concerning to the civility for one big reason that why should they bother. When same kind of attitude is seen among all, the elders get perturbed over such strange behavior. Yes sooner or later the same youth attains the age of elders and then only they are going realize the sufferings.
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    yes its a right thing which author has pointed out and i support for some part. this thing is not only taught by parents but by seeing others(like relatives,teachers etc) the children will learn all things. let us see the society who is responding to whom (if we have any work with other person only we are smiling and moving friendly) then from where the civility is learnt by children.
    No one in the society thoughts that their child should be uncivilized but because of social movements the child has to become in that improper way lets have an example if a student in school age he has to mingle with the relatives or friends but what is present situation the parents are locking the doors(when relatives are inn) and saying him to study otherwise making him/her busy with tution for higher studies. From such situations what a child will learn he earns the knowledge of how to crack the things with selfishly but he do not have any emotion or feeling about the society.

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    True. There is a lot of change these days. Many young people think that age is not the criteria to respect others. They think that they are the masters and other people don't know more than them. This thinking is spoiling them in many ways. The reason for this may be their brought up also. Some parents treat their children very soft and they see that they will have all the comforts in the world. Because of this brought up, the young generation is not caring for elders. In my young age, we were never sitting in a chair if an elderly person was standing. But now that culture is not there. This attitude is also because of the financial freedom they have. When we were in our schools, for every paise we have to ask the parents and they used to give only when there was a valid reason only. The money given should be spent as agreed and if anything was remaining that should be returned back. But these days the situation is different. The school going children will also have money with them and they spend the money as they like.
    Because of such reasons, the civility in the younger generation is getting vanished.

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    The concern of the author is well understood. Children learn from elders and we find many new generation parents lack the qualities that the author has mentioned. When parents lack the mannerisms we cannot blame only the children. It is the collective responsibility of all the elders in the family to impart the civility in children. We try to enforce things upon the kids without making them understand the reasons.

    Nowadays, kids are smart enough and need logic behind every action. Let us be compassionate and make the children understand what are the difficulties old people suffer from and how to tackle them. Let them realize things on their own, I hope it will improve.


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