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    Observing holidays will help in reminding us of great men.

    Today the State/Central Government offices and many private establishments are closed on account of Gandhi Jayanthi. Today morning when I went to buy the newspaper, a man was telling the shop owner that the declaration of such holidays is just a waste of time. In reply to him, another man told that the holidays are declared to just at least remember the personalities.

    According to me, it is correct because in the olden days there was a habit of chanting mantras and slokas very vigorously. Later the same was reduced to chanting the slokas whenever you have time. It is expected from everybody to remember God or offer pooja in gratitude for this human form. Similarly, we should remember the greats like Mahatma Gandhi at least on the days dedicated to them. Nowadays no school books have the pictures of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel or other prominent freedom fighters through whom only we got this freedom for our Country. Now if we stop the holidays for such occasions we may forget them totally and our younger and forthcoming generations might not even be aware of such personalities.

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    Holidays are declared by the government to remember those who sacrificed for our cause and Nation cause. If Holiday was not declared on Gandhi Jayanthi, people would be minding their own business, not even giving a thought about the great Mahatma. By giving holiday, people are participating in the government sponsored Swatch Bharath Abhiyan, visiting Gandhi statues, giving their floral tributes etc. Most of the people feel that Gandhi Jayanthi is for the politicians to observe and not for them. But Gandhiji fought for our freedom and we are deeply indebted to pay rich tributes to him.
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    Thinking that we may not give respect and remember great people if a holiday is not declared on their birthday is not correct. Giving a holiday and remembering a great man are two different issues altogether. We all accept that Nehru is also a great leader. But there is no holiday to the government offices and private organisations on his birthday. But still, we all remember that man on his birthday and pay our tributes in a possible manner. If we have to get holidays for birth day's of all great leaders, the working days will become very less. So let us not club these two issues. Recently there was a thread on the number of holidays in our country and in general, it is felt that we have more holidays than many other people in other countries.
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    Gandhi jayanti is observed as national holiday to give respect to this great person. Gandhiji have great contribution to make us free from Britain. This is why government declared national holiday on this day to pay respect to him. This is fact that we remember Gandhiji's birthday because of this national holiday otherwise we may forget him.

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    It is a fact that, by giving holidays for reminding great leaders are cutting the number of working days for educational institutions and Government offices. This is not to be welcomed since every working day is meant to solve several problems of the people. Missing classes are also not to be welcomed since it would develop laziness among students.
    However, we must respect our great leaders who spent their life for the nation and did several things for the upliftment of the common people. But how to solve both together, is the problem. We can spare a hour or so on such days in the morning or any other suitable time for a talk depicting the greatness of the person under reference. This will help understanding about the person and his/ her contributions. In the case of students it will be a class for them.
    If this is followed, we will not loose the working days. I remember that there were only two public holidays in Soviet Union, earlier.


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    To remember a person, holiday may not be the best way. The greatness of a person is valued by adhering to his principles in every sphere of life. There are many great men and freedom fighters in India whose birthdays are celebrated widely, but there is no official holidays on those days. Children not only learn from books but from parents and elders too. It is the responsibility of the elders to impart good habits and proper knowledge if they find something is missing in the curriculum.

    Birthdays may be best remembered by starting new initiatives on that particular day. We know that Pandit Nehru's birthday is celebrated as children's day, similarly Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was started on Gandhiji's birthday. Likewise 28th February is celebrated as the National Science Day to memorize the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman. So many new initiatives can always be taken to commemorate the birthdays of great men.


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    We might forget many popular leaders, but not our dear Bapuji Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of our nation who is present in every currency note we have.

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