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    Kissan Rally turns violent as they are stopped at the UP-Delhi border.

    Today is Gandhi Jayanthi and we are talking tall about ahimsa ,the great quality of Mahatma Gandhi. But for police they wont mind thrashing anyone be it a farmer who is responsible for giving food three times a day for the whole country. No government has understood the farmers and their plight, and when ever Kissan Rally is taken, the government never initiates dialogue with Kissans and allow the things go out of control. The usage of water cannons against the farmers were highly deplorable. The state and central governments must reach out to farmers immediately.
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    Very unfortunate. On the day of Gandhi Jayanthi and on the day of Lal Bahadur Sastri birthday who coined the slogan Jai Javan and Jai Kisan, it is unfortunate to have violence on these farmers. Police used water cannons and tear gas grenades to disperse the protesting farmers. The UP police and Delhi police are responsible for this. Several farmers are having heavy injuries because of these actions. The CM of Delhi told the police to allow them to enter the city of Delhi.
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    That is sad. But thats not good also as they blocked the traffic on border. My brother who was coming from Ghaziabad reached in 3 hours, usual time it takes him to reach is an hour. Similarly many people got disturbed due to their rally.

    But it was sad as police used water cannons and tear gas bombs on them causing severe injuries to many of them.


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    Somehow in our country the problems of the farmers are not being addressed properly. Whether is it the faulty Govt policies or the problem of implementing them, the farmer conditions are not improving in comparison to the general upliftment of people in other areas and professions.

    On the contrary, whenever they are agitating for their rights and improvement in the conditions, they are being thrashed by the law and order agencies.

    We all know that farmers are the backbone of the entire system and it is their hard labour and toiling in the field that we are having sumptuous meals on our dining tables. Still, no one is coming forward to really help them. Govt is also not able to control the middle men and hoarders who are not allowing to pass the real benefits to the farmers.

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    Blocking of National Highway won't solve the problems of farmers. The farmers very well understand this, but the self-seeking opposition leaders hell-bent to create problems and controversy, don't. Further, water-cannon is the safest way to disperse unruly mobs. It doesn't kill people and injure only very few.
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    It is really a pathetic scene to see that as nation celebrating the 150 th birth anniversary of a proponent of non violence, the father of our nation Bapuji and also the birth day of former PM Shastriji who gave the slogan jai kisan and jai jawan our central and State BJP government s brutally attacked agitating farmers for their problems. Previousy when Tamil farmers agitated in Delhi also met the same fate. A government who promised for the farmers what it is doing? If farmers are not facing any problems why they are coming out on to the streets?

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    While we all respect the farmers, farmers should also respect the law. Blocking the road, causing traffic jam should have been avoided by the farmers in the rally. There is a limit to anything and everything. Both the farmers and police were right and wrong.

    Just because a hotelier provides food to the public, it doesn't mean that he will misbehave with the customers. Same is the case here. Just because of the farmers provide us the food items, they cannot create law and order problem.

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