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    At least Manipur government thought of aged parents.

    Manipur government has warned government employees who neglect their old aged parents with legal action. CM of Manipur cautioned people that actions will be taken against the employees who doesn't take care their old aged parents well. These days as we know people neglect them and leave them to live them at their own.

    He said the person who can't respect, care and love his parents can't get success in his life. He also announced financial help of Rs 1000/month for old people living in Old age home as maintenance.

    I am happy to read this as there are very few politicians who think like what this CM of Manipur thought for the old aged people. What are your thoughts about the CM?
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    Wow what a nice gesture from the Manipur Government. The International day for the elders was held recently and even the central government failed to address grievances of the elders. Good that at least Manipur government has understood the need for looking after elders or else the action would be taking against erring government employee. And this action will also have effect on private employees too who fear that the next heat would be turned on them , so they will also start caring the elders. In fact other state governments should emulate Manipur and implement this order.
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    The Government of Assam under Mr. Sarbanand Sonowal has already brought this rule in respect of Assam Government employees. Now Manipur Government under N. Biren Singh is going to bring similar laws. Incidentally, both the State Governments are being run by a particular political party.
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    The government of Andhra Pradesh has announced an old age pension to people above 60 years and who are not getting any type of pension. They are giving Rs.1000/- per person in this scheme. It is really an appreciable stand taken by the Manipur CM. My appreciations to him. In a country where people used to think that parents are living and visible Gods, a stage has come that the government has to warn its employees that actions will be taken against people who are not taking care of their old parents. It is a real sorry state of affairs. It is the responsibility of the children to take care of their parents in their old age. Here taking care is not just sending monthly some amount for them but it is holding their hand in case of necessity and treating them properly. One should keep in mind that he will also become old and he may also require some assistance when he becomes old.
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