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    Are we forced to make a choice while visiting different websites and watching youtube videos?

    Open any webpage and there is a possibility of performing some actions that you do not intend to. Accidentally you may click on some options that will make your mailbox full in no time. In most of the websites of news media a message or pop up flashes on top of the screen that asks for your approval for subscribing to their feeds and surprisingly the allow or yes option is automatically highlighted as if they are sure about your choice of accepting them. Take the case of Youtube videos, in many videos you have to watch certain advertisements for a particular period before the original video starts.

    Now, what you will see and not see is absolutely your own choice and nobody can dictate you about this choice, but aren't these advertisements before playing Youtube videos or pop up messages asking for our approval to subscribe forced upon us? I fail to understand why somebody has to force us to make a choice. It may be generating revenues for the company by showing these advertisements or pop ups, but I feel at times these can become a cause of anger. In the long run this may turn out to be worrisome and we may see some more stringent guidelines from the advertisement council to stop this unnecessary commanding attitude. Members do you agree?
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    Nothing comes free in this world. If you don't want to pay for some content, then the content creators have to figure out ways to monetize their content. Newspaper companies employ a number of people and in this competitive world of advertising, it becomes necessary to force some sort of advertising on their viewers. Most browsers allow you to permanently block the notifications from a particular website so you should not be facing the problem on your frequently visited websites.

    As for YouTube, it is publishers like us only who create the videos. They also need money to survive and advertisements are the first way to earn it. If you don't want to see the advertisements, you can subscribe to YouTube Red by which you can enjoy an ad-free experience as well as get access to some premium content too.

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    On Internet ads are the way to earn money. People earn money when someone clicks on the ad. If we block ads how is one going to earn and why will that person upload the videos or write blogs.

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    The techniques of advertising in internet have advanced much and a surfer intentionally or unintentionally gets trapped in them. Sometimes he likes it but many times they are the source of irritation.

    We must remember that advertisements are the big source of revenue for these sites and until unless people click on them revenue will not be generated.

    So these things can be minimised but can not be removed from the internet.

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    No other internet website is having so many videos like Youtube and it is created for that purpose. Youtube is widely used by Individuals, companies, music companies and all. For example only Yesterday the Vijay starrer Sarkar songs were loaded on the Youtube and there was heavy advertisement which really irritated the subscribers. That means the more famous a song and expectations from the fans, the Youtube also facilitates more ads to the companies seeking promotion. So we have no other option to wait and watch , otherwise go for the particular song CD and watch it without any promotions.
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    Here the question is the survival. How these people survive without any revenue. As a viewer, we are not paying any money to a website owner. If you want to watch a movie in a theatre you have to pay the charges for the ticket and there also you have to watch the advertisements. When I upload a video on Youtube I expect some money from that. But viewers will not pay. So the only way is advertisements. So we can't expect advertisement free shows any place. If we are not interested in watching an advertisement, you can stop viewing the video itself, no one will force us.
    Even on TV, the 3 hours movies will go for 4 hours with almost 50% of the time with advertisements. You can't stop TV when an advertisement comes and again start after it is over. Without advertisements, there is no existence of channels, newspapers or websites like youtube. So we have to relish and go forward.

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    There is nothing going to be as such as the author has assumed of here. The fact of the matter is that we bound to settle with predetermined set of terms & conditions which we anonymously agreed to when we login to any specific site like the or If we don't intend for any advertisements then we can download the video & watch at your convenience & without any advertisements in between.

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